Faculty, Fine Arts and Music

The following list includes faculty who teach at the Beren (B) and/or Wilf (W)

Carla Aurich
Adjunct Instructor in Art (W)

Daniel Beliavsky
Visiting Associate Professor (W)
Co-Chair, Department of Fine Arts and Music 

Mary Creede
Instructor in Art (B)

Paul Glassman
Adjunct Instructor in Architectural History and Design (W) 
Advisor for Architecture Minor

John Kriskiewicz
Adjunct Instructor in Art History (B)

Alexander Rysdon-Moulitsas
Adjunct Instructor in Art (B)

Margaret Samu
Adjunct Instructor in Art (B)

Traci Tullius
Associate Professor of Art (B)

Jacob Wisse
Associate Professor of Art History (B) 
Co-Chair, Department of Fine Arts and Music
Director, Yeshiva University Museum

Marnin Young
Associate Professor of Art History (B)