For more details about the Computer Science major and minor - see the factsheet at the Academic Advisement webpage.

MAJOR requirements:

COMP 1300C, 1320C,1504,2115C, 2545, 3563, 3640, 3650 plus two (2) elective courses in Computer Science; MATH 1412,1413, 2105 (MATH 1413 and 2105 may count toward the “elective category” of the General Education requirements).

MINOR requirements:

COMP 1300C, 1320C, plus four (4) additional courses in Computer Science.

AP Computer Science A credits: 

Per department policy, students majoring or minoring in Computer Science may receive 4 credits for COMP 1300 and will not have to take COMP 1300 if they received a grade of 5 on the AP Computer Science A exam, and, if they passed the department’s Python 3 exam with a score of 80% or better.