CHE 1045-1046 (Lecture & Lab)
COM 1300
ECO 1011
MAT 1412, 1413, 1510, 2105, 2601
PHY 1051 (Mechanics), 1052 (E&M), 2041(Waves & Optics and Thermo), 2042 (Modern Physics), 1061L (Mechanics Lab), 2061L (E&M Lab).

Additional electives, such as PHY 1221B, 1222B, 1321, 1510, and 1724, are recommended for specific fields in engineering.

Combined Programs

The University has combined plans with Columbia University.

Under the BA/BS plan, a student who attends Yeshiva University for three years, maintains a 3.3 average and receives the recommendation of the pre-engineering adviser is admitted to Columbia University’s Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science as a junior. The student attends Columbia University for two years; upon successful completion of the program, Yeshiva University confers the Bachelor of Arts degree and Columbia University confers the Bachelor of Science degree.

Under the BA/MS plan, for which a minimum 3.3 average is required, the student earns an appropriate bachelor’s degree at Yeshiva University in any of the other majors approved in Yeshiva College and, after two additional years of study at Columbia University, receives the master’s degree, bypassing the bachelor’s degree in engineering.

Students in the combined plan must maintain registration at Yeshiva University by filing a Leave of Absence form until they receive the BA degree. They must meet the same requirements for graduation as all students who spend three years in residence at the University.

Students interested in the pre-engineering options are urged to discuss their specific course of study with the pre-engineering adviser, Professor Ed Berliner, each semester prior to registration. Professor Berliner can be reached at or ext. 333.