MAJOR 34 credits

Political Science involves the systematic study of the public affairs or politics of the state. Political Scientists study all factors instrumental and influential in the acquisition and exercise of power for the purposes of public control or governance on the local, national and international level. In a globalizing world emphasizing organizational skill, socio-political knowledge and communications, political scientists find a wide array of career options and opportunities. The Yeshiva College Department of Political Science seeks to help equip students with the knowledge, research and analytical skills necessary to live and to work in a competitive and fast changing global world. The major is designed to give the student a breadth of knowledge of the discipline while affording him the opportunity to gain specialized knowledge through an area of concentration of  his choice.

Four categories make up the required 34 credits for the major: (1) 4 introductory courses covering the four fields of Political Science: Introduction to American Politics (Pol 1101), Fundamentals of Political Science (Pol 1501), Introduction to International Relations (Pol 1301) and Great Political Thinkers (Pol 1401) or 12 credits; (2) four courses in a chosen area of concentration or 12 credits; (3) three elective courses within the Department or 9 credits; and (4) a written Senior Project (Pol 4580) for 1 credit.

Minor 18 credits

Eighteen credits with the following distribution: (1) Fundamentals of Political Science (Pol 1501); (2) one of the following three courses: Introduction to American Politics (Pol 1101), Introduction to International Relations (Pol 1301), Great Political Thinkers (Pol 1401); and (3) any 4 courses within the Department.