Yeshiva College Computer Science Faculty

Judah Diament

Judah Diament   (LinkedInGoogle Scholar)
Department Chair, Clinical Associate Professor of Computer Science
Program Director, Undergraduate Data Science

  • IBM T.J. Watson Research Center: 2000-2014
    - Patents: 13 U.S. patents issued, 1 pending
    - Publications: 6 conference papers & journal articles
    - Impacted multiple IBM software products, including shipping code
  • Goldman Sachs: 2014-2016, Vice President, Finance Engineering
  • Alumnus of Y.U., R.I.E.T.S.

Van kelly

Van E. Kelly   (LinkedIn)
Clinical Professor of Computer Science

  • Bell Labs: 1993-2001
    - Distinguished Member of Technical Staff
  • Motorola: 2006-2010
    - Senior Member Technical Staff

Avraham Leff

Avraham Leff   (LinkedIn, Google Scholardblp)
Professor of Computer Science

  • IBM T.J. Watson Research Center: 1991-2017
    - Patents: 18 U.S. patents issued, more pending
    - Publications: 44 conference papers & journal article
    - Impacted multiple IBM software products, including shipping code

Adrian Caciula

Adrian Caciula   (LinkedIn, Google Scholar)
Clinical Assistant Professor of Computer Science

  • Columbia University, Center for Infection and Immunity: 2015 - 2018
    - Patents: 2 U.S. patents issued, 2 pending
    - Publications: 21 conference papers & journal articles
    - Impacted multiple serological diagnostic platforms, and research tools for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data analysis.

A number of courses in the Computer Science major are taught by the faculty of the Department of Mathematics.

The department employs advanced undergraduate students as tutors and teaching assistants. Students who are interested in such activities should contact Professor Diament.