Karen Bacon

Dean's Office: Welcome

Prestigious universities are measured by the research productivity of their faculty, the successes of their alumni, and the weight of their ivy.

At Yeshiva College we can point to very impressive statistics in the first two categories, but we also pride ourselves on much more.

The commitment of our student body to the study of primary Jewish texts in Hebrew and Aramaic is unheard of in higher education in America. The number of our students  engaged in serious community service is enviable. And the percentage doing research and publishing compares favorably with the percentages at much larger institutions.

Yeshiva College is alive with the sounds of voices from all over the United States and the world. These men are attracted by our unmatched Jewish Studies Program ambitious offering in the humanities, social and natural sciences, close student-faculty relationships and opportunities to develop and exercise leadership both on campus, in New York which is our campus, and in the larger world through service learning missions.

If you see yourself as someone committed to Torah, to academic achievement, to being part of a network of men who are developing themselves as leaders, movers and shakers, then you belong at Yeshiva College. We look forward to adding your voice to our joyous euphony.

Karen Bacon, Ph.D
The Dr. Monique C. Katz
Dean of Undergraduate Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Yeshiva University