YC Writing Contest


Congratulations to this year’s winning entries.

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The Belkin Judaic Studies Award

Ben Kean

Levi, a Priestly Zealot or Priest and Zealot? A study of Second Temple Era exegetical traditions surrounding Levi son of Jacob

David Raphael Selis

Building the Temple of Judische Wissenschaft in the United States

Isaac Entin

Sod Ha’ibur and the Interface Between Kabbalah and Maimonidean Rationalism

The David Fleisher Memorial Award

Marc Reuven Herzog

Zooming in and Out: Stories of Judith in the Construction of Jewish and Christian Identity

Zack Rynhold

The Illusion of Sight: Analyzing the Optics of La Jet

The Jerome Robbins Memorial Award for Creative Non-Fiction

Leib Wiener

The Shovel

The Jerome Robbins Memorial Award for Poetry

Elazar Krausz

On Living - Four Selected Poems, "I Know New York"

The Jerome Robbins Memorial Award for Short Story

Judah Stiefel

No Heroic Measures

Avraham Sosnowik


Eitan Ginsburg (Honorable Mention)

Wait for Me by the River

Avi Kohanzadeh (Honorable Mention)

The Belly of the Beast

Edward A. Rothman Memorial Award for Best Essay

Benjamin Koslowe

Miracles as “Pre-Programmed” Into the Laws of Nature

Isaac Selter

Holiness: A Human Endeavor

The Fannie and Asher Scharfstein Memorial Award

Moshe Rothman

On Gemilut Hasadim- the Materialization of an Inner World of Thought

The Morris and Chaya Zuckerman Memorial Award

Marc Reuven Herzog

The Position of Nahmanides during the Maimonidean Controversy