YC Writing Contest

SPRING 2018  YC Essay and Writing Awards

Yeshiva University offers a number of annual writing awards to undergraduate students at Yeshiva College. Application procedures are detailed below.
You are allowed only one submission for a maximum of two categories.
The monies listed below are for YC only and may be shared by 2 or more YC students.


The Fannie and Asher Scharfstein Memorial Award ($300)
Awarded to the best paper on the topic of Gemilat Hesed. The essay should deal with the definition of this term in its broadest interpretation, and its importance.

The Lawrence P. Fischer Memorial Award ($300)
Awarded to the best paper on some aspect of Jewish History Must be written in Hebrew

The Belkin Judaic Studies Award ($500)
Awarded to the best research paper on Bible, Jewish History, or Jewish Philosophy

The David Fleisher Memorial Award ($200)
Awarded to the best critical essay on Literature

The Jerome Robbins Memorial Award
Awarded to the best essays in Writing and Literature.
Submission for this award will be divided into three categories:

  • Creative Writing—Short Story ($100)
  • Creative Writing—Poetry ($100)
  • Creative Writing—Non Fiction ($100)

Edward A. Rothman Memorial Award for Best Essay ($500) Pertaining to Issues in Orthodox Judaism in Practice

The Monis and Chaya Zuckerman Memorial Award ($75) for best research paper in Jewish History


FORMAT: Email your submission as an attachment to the YC Dean’s Office YCwritingcontests@yu.edu with the subject line “Submission for the (Scharfstein, Fischer, etc.) Award”. In your email include your full name, a pseudonym that does not suggest your true name in any way, and the title of your submission. On the title page of the submission, write the pseudonym and the name of the award for which you would like your work considered.

**Do not include your true name on any page of the work submitted.**