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Employee Resources


As of September 2009, Yeshiva University is pleased to offer The Work Number©, an automated employment verification service that allows you to have your employment and income verified within a matter of minutes! This fast, secure service is used for mortgage applications, reference checks, loan applications and apartment leases. (Anything you need that requires proof of employment or income!) It is quick, accurate, and best of all, it's easy!

  • Secure - You control who has access to your employment and income information.
  • Fast - Employment verifications processed in a matter of minutes, instead of days or even weeks.
  • Smart - Verifiers don't have to know where you work in the University.
  • Accurate - Information provided directly from University payroll records.

Effective June 26, 2010 when you log into The Work Number for employment verification activities, you will have a one-time initial enrollment after you enter your user ID and password. This additional level of security is being added as a step to continually improve the privacy of your information. You'll likely be familiar with the format as it is one currently used by many leading financial institutions to better ensure users are who they say they are. If you would like more information or would like to view a preview of the process, please visit The Work Number website.

Effective September 9, 2015, employees of Albert Einstein College of Medicine Inc. are under the employer the ID of 17765.

Yeshiva University is pleased to announce our relationship with The Talbot Group, a full-service relocation counseling firm to assist potential hires, faculty and staff with relocation services.

The Talbot Group provides comprehensive relocation services to assist new faculty and staff with their relocation to Yeshiva University. Services include estimating moving costs, selling an existing home, finding a new home and moving household goods. 

A dedicated relocation counselor will manage the entire relocation process. For additional information please contact The Talbot Group at or 866-404-0234.

Please click below to access the Yeshiva University relocation policy for specific relocation reimbursement information.

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