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Benefit Resources

Alexandra Sbordone  

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Benefits are an important part of the University's total compensation program.  The Benefits Committee ("The Committee") is established to advise Yeshiva University administration on the ongoing evaluation of the University's benefits programs to ensure that they are competitive in the academic marketplace, effective, affordable and meet the majority needs of our employees.  

The Committee is the representative body by which faculty and staff members participate in the development of changes to the University's benefits programs.  The Committee's role is to bring forward and address benefit issues and needs and to offer advice, solutions and recommendations. The authority of the Benefits Committee is limited to providing advice to the President of Yeshiva University on issues and initiatives in the area of benefits.  

The Committee is chaired by the Chief Human Resources Officer and meets at least four times during the academic year. The committee's membership is drawn from the various faculty and staff constituencies at all of the campuses and includes the General Counsel, Director of Benefits at least one member of the faculty and one member of the staff. The Chief Human Resources Officer may also supplement committee membership to ensure a demographically and organizationally diverse Committee, with up to five members.

The Board of Trustees of Yeshiva University established a Retirement Plan Committee (the "Committee") for Yeshiva University and the YU High Schools, which are charged with administering and overseeing all responsibilities relating to the University's retirement plans. The Committee works closely with the retirement plan recordkeeper and the independent consultant/fiduciary to closely monitor the investment lineup offered on an ongoing basis.

Yeshiva University Retirement Plan Committee Members include:

  • Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief Investment Officer
  • Vice President of Administrative Services
  • Dean of the Undergraduate Faculty of Arts and Sciences
  • Chair of the Department of Economics

Yeshiva High School Retirement Plan Committee Members include:

  • Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Head of School  YUBHS
  • Executive Director of High Schools

The Chief Human Resources Officer shall serve as Chair of the Committee and the General Counsel (or his designee) shall serve as counsel to the Committees.

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