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Staff Discounts

Procurement Services has compiled a list of "Preferred Suppliers" who offer contract pricing to Yeshiva University staff and faculty.

Some contract pricing detail is protected. Should you be interested in pricing detail, please call Procurement Services at [646] 592-4532 or e-mail

Many local companies and businesses offer discounts to Yeshiva University employees. This is a list of our contracted suppliers that offer discounts to Yeshiva University students, staff, and faculty.

Staples Coupons for Online and In-Store:
Customer Appreciation Dec 2015



(800) 261-7331
ID: CR1929
University Pricing

Hertz Corporation 
Rachel Perlman
(212) 373-6405 
Corporate Discount Program ID#: 1966328
For reservation call 1 (800) 654-3131 or visit their website at and reference the CDP-ID#.
For more information on Hertz Business Rewards Program click here .
To enroll in Hertz #1 Club Gold program, visit their website at and enter the information below to gain access to their fee-waived enrollment application:
Company Name:Yeshiva University
CDP#: 1966328
PIN: hbrgold

Bottled Water 

Nestle Waters 
Boris Vergara
(914) 460-2359
Click here for discount page. 
University Pricing

Fitness & Wellness

New York Sports Club 
Barbara Lichtenberger
(917) 351-6680 x. 1009 
To learn more about YU Employee's membership plan and to sign up, click here 



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