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Yeshiva University Learning Management System 
Training and Development

Yeshiva University is committed to providing its employees with the training opportunities necessary for their personal and professional growth and development. Halogen's Learning Management System (LMS) is a comprehensive professional development reference guide which features the full inventory of classes, engagement programs and development services made available by the Human Resources' Talent Development department.  

The Learning Management System will replace our current registration tool, Google Docs. Through the enhanced capabilities of the LMS, all employees and managers will be able to:

  • Register for current and upcoming training programs 
  • View your currently enrolled
  • Access course materials online  
  • Receive automated reminder notifications 

We invite all Yeshiva University staff and faculty you to explore the offered training and development opportunities.If you manage others, please utilize the offered training programs to support and encourage your valued employees to keep their skills strong and current. We trust that the development opportunities and customized internal consulting services will be helpful resources to employees at all levels.

It is our intent to avoid cancellation or rescheduling of any training class. Unfortunately, circumstances occasionally require us to cancel or reschedule a class in order to ensure we provide the best training experience possible. Classes will be cancelled no less than 48 hours before the scheduled class date. Cancellation notice will be sent to enrolled participants by email along with the rescheduling information.

If you require an accommodation, please submit your request to the Talent Development department as soon as possible, but no later than two weeks prior to the scheduled training program.  For additional information and questions, please contact or at (646) 592-4557. 

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Date and Location

Banner Human Resources

The session is intended for employees that have responsibility for overseeing and approving job requisition and employment status requests.


·   Tuesday, February 9 - 10:00 am - 12:00pm 

      Wilf Campus -  Belfer Hall, Room 1103

·  Tuesday, April 12 - 10:00 am - 12:00pm
Wilf Campus - Belfer Hall, Room 1103 


Banner Finance Self Service

This program is designed for employees with responsibility for transacting business i.e., processing requisitions and/or purchase orders, prepare travel reimbursements, etc. and be responsible for managing budgets and accessing financial reports.


·  Thursday, February 25- 10:00am - 12:00pm
Wilf Campus - Belfer Hall, Room 1103 


·  Wednesday, April 13- 10:00am - 12:00pm

    Wilf Campus - Belfer Hall, Room 1103