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Talent Management & HR Partners

The Talent Management team provides program and individual support to the University community in the critical areas of employee and labor relations, managerial coaching and counseling, talent and career development and employee engagement and recognition.

Our goal is to support Yeshiva University's dedication to learning, teaching, research and community by serving as a conduit to knowledge, information, services and expertise that empowers employee success. Our team provides:

  • Consulting services to leaders and managers
  • Performance management training and support 
  • Talent development opportunities that enhance personal, professional and team growth
  • Promotion of communication, teamwork and client service
  • Policy and procedural interpretation
  • Assistance with conflict resolution and mediation
  • Recognition of the service and contributions of our University's dedicated staff

Whatever our roles, and wherever we work, each of us supports the pursuit of knowledge and individual growth that symbolizes Yeshiva University. 

To learn about our services and the opportunities for development available to you, please contact Us. We hope you will come back often to learn about new programs and sponsored events.

Related Information

This information is for the benefit of our internal managers and administrators. If you are seeking employment within the University, please visit our career site: Careers at YU

The goal of the Yeshiva University HR Talent Acquisition team is to successfully identify and hire the best talent who will remain and grow with our institution as we strive to meet our goals within an ever-changing talent landscape.

We partner with hiring managers throughout the University to quickly and effectively fill all open full-time, part-time, hourly, or Agency & University-funded temporary positions with candidates of the highest quality. Please login to InsideTrack to find more information about our hiring processes, including those for:

  • Staff Positions (full time, part time, hourly and University temps) 
  • Agency Temp 
  • Work Study Student/Student Employees
  • Faculty Positions 

For additional information regarding disability accommodations during the job application process, please review the policy here at Human Resources Policies

Contact Us

The goal of the employee relations function is to develop and support a positive relationship between employees and the University through programs, guidelines and policies that ensure fairness, respect and consistent treatment of all employees.

The Employee Relations and Talent Management team will work with departments, managers, and represented and non-represented employees to remove barriers to effective communication and job performance and to assist with problem-solving and mediation support.  

Employee Relations Services include:

  • Assisting individuals and departments in conflict resolution efforts through facilitated discussions and mediation
  • Providing counsel, advice and support when managing employee performance and conduct issues to ensure compliance with University standards and fair, consistent and professional treatment
  • Providing policy and procedural interpretation and guidance
  • Advising departments on administering corrective action and the progressive disciplinary process
  • Providing senior-level organizational consulting services

We encourage managers, represented and non-represented employees to contact us with their concerns and for assistance with resolving any issues that may arise.

For more information and/or questions please contact Employee Relations and Talent Management at (646) 592-4335 or contact us.

This information is a comprehensive listing of the talent development programs and services offered through the Human Resources Department. These programs are designed to improve individual and organizational performance, in addition to supporting the University in achieving its institutional goals. Programs conducted throughout the year are focused on:

  • Providing training and development opportunities for current and future professional endeavors
  • Strengthening competencies essential for successful performance
  • Encouraging employees to develop and refine their skills


Programs are offered in the areas of leadership and management, communication, personal skills development, compliance and technology. The Human Resources' Employee Relations and Talent Development team is also available to consult with individuals, teams and departments to customize program offerings to address a variety of issues impacting organizational effectiveness.

We also partner with the Human Resources' Benefits Office to offer informational sessions and workshops about benefit programs and updates, and retirement planning options.  Safety and health programs are offered through the University's Environmental Health and Safety department, focusing on ergonomics, office safety, accident protection and chemical hygiene. For a list of safety training programs offered and the dates, please visit their website at Environmental Health and Safety.

Course Registration

You may enroll at anytime for talent development programs by visiting the Talent Development Calendar. To register, select the course you would like to attend and click on the link that reads "Click here to register".  Upon registering, you will receive confirmation of your request being recorded.  Registrants will receive final notification of their status, by e-mail, no later than two weeks before a scheduled program date.

All Yeshiva University staff and faculty are welcome to attend our programs. If you require an accommodation, please submit your request to Employee Relations and Talent Development as soon as possible, but no later than two weeks prior to the scheduled training program.

We invite you to explore the training and development opportunities offered to employees at all levels. For more information and/or questions please contact Employee Relations and Talent Development at (646) 592-4557 or

Talent Development FAQ

Typically, programs are open to all Yeshiva University employees. Occasionally, a program may be targeted for a specific employee group. Please review the program information carefully, and remember that you should discuss attendance at a program before submitting your registration request.

Employees may attend a program regardless of location.

We are happy to work with departments to address special requests. Please contact us at or Karin Rosenthal at 646-592-4557 to discuss your request.

All registrations are completed online. To register for an upcoming program, please visit our Course Description and Registration page. If you do not have access to a computer, please contact or contact us here.

When you submit your registration request, you will receive an acknowledgement that it was received. This initial acknowledgment does not mean that you have been confirmed to attend the program. Those confirmed to attend will receive an e-mail confirmation that includes the program name, date, time, location and duration. Please print it and keep it for your records. Similarly, if you are not identified to attend a program (e.g., over subscription to the program, it required a pre-requisite program that you did not attend), you will also be notified via e-mail. In all cases, your supervisor will receive notification of your status.

Please contact us whenever you have a question of any kind. For a status update please contact us at or contact us here.

If circumstances arise and you will not be able to attend, you should immediately notify Karin Rosenthal at 646-592-4557. While we understand that emergencies may occur, we otherwise ask that you provide at least one week's notice. Many of our programs have waiting lists, so early notice will permit us to arrange for another interested employee to attend.

Yes. You should review your interest with your supervisor or manager and obtain his/her approval before submitting your registration request.

At the moment, there are no departmental costs associated with these training programs. However, some programs are arranged through contract providers and we reserve the right to charge departments when employees fail to attend programs without sufficient notice. Please note that employees are responsible for their own lunch arrangements for full day programs.

If you are advised that you were not confirmed for a program, please continue to monitor our website for additional offerings in this as well as other program opportunities.

We advise you to continue to monitor our website for additional offerings of this program as well as other program opportunities.

While we currently do not place limits on expressions of interest, we ask that you be judicious when registering for more than one program.

Send us an e-mail at and tell us all about it. We'll review the situation and, when appropriate, will recognize the effort on our HR Roving Reporter site.

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