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Serving all University employees, focusing on long-range planning to help support YU's ability to attract, retain and serve an excellent faculty and staff, this team implements programs to help employees balance work and personal lives, and encourages wellness and prevention.

Wilf Campus, Belfer Hall 822, 824, 826
Fax: 212.960.0034

Jane Gonzalez
Director, University Benefits
Wilf Campus, Belfer Hall 826
646.592.4337 | 

Priscilla Greer
Benefits Associate
Wilf Campus, Belfer Hall 822
646.592.4338 |  

Cristina O'Connor
Benefits Manager
Wilf Campus, Belfer Hall 824
646.592.4339 |

HR Information Systems

Our team of professionals are here to assist you with HR processes, technologies and systems. The shared services model centralizes a service-oriented approach across the university. We partner with university administrators and leaders to improve transactional experiences while ensuring the various systems and/or processes are fully and accurately developed and implemented. This department also has a university-wide responsibility to support compensation programs, competitive salary positioning and policies while working to implement performance appraisal and the development of new rewards structures.

Wilf Campus, Belfer Hall 816/818
Fax: 212.960.0887

Faye Wu
Director HRIS
Wilf Campus, Belfer Hall 818
646.592.4548 |

Sean Tien
HRIS Analyst
Wilf Campus, Belfer Hall 816
646.592.4319 |

Fidel Villa
SR HRIS Analyst
Wilf Campus, Belfer Hall 816
646.592.4322 |

Payroll Services

The Payroll Services Department is comprised of two areas of specialization: (1) Banner Time Entry and Time Clock Plus (TCP) Time and Attendance; and (2) Payroll Processing. The Banner Time Entry and TCP Timekeeping Systems are used to validate and approve employee timecards. Payroll is responsible for the payment of all wages, tax withholdings and deductions that are on your pay statement. The Payroll staff is available to answer questions regarding the Federal, State and Local withholding taxes, benefits, and deductions. 

Wilf Campus, 500 West 185th Street, New York, NY 10033
Belfer Hall Room 806, 808
646.592.4320 | Fax: 212.960.0887

Abiodun Osinowo
Director of Payroll Services
Belfer Hall Room 808
646-592-4560 |

Devin Bostic
Payroll & Time Specialist
Belfer Hall Room 806
646.592.4321 | 

Jong K. Park
Payroll & Tax Specialist
Belfer Hall Room 806
646.592.4546 |


Talent Management and Equity Compliance 

Employee Relations, Labor Relations & Equity Compliance 

Assists the University in a full range services. We educate and coach employees, administrators, managers and supervisors in a variety of areas, including conflict resolution, management consultation, performance management, reorganizations, organizational development, interpretation of policies, union contracts, University policies & procedures, employee engagement activities, counseling, disciplinary matters and separations. This area also provides oversight for University’s Title IX Program, affirmative action program, equal opportunity employment, compliance requirements & reporting and diversity outreach efforts. 

Talent Management 

Charged with coordinating the entire recruitment cycle and supporting departments in the hiring and onboarding of new employees. Human Resources Services also provides local support for HR inquiries and general employment related requests required by faculty and staff on all campuses.  

Organizational Development

Provides program and individual support to the University community in the area of employee talent and career development. Our goal is to support Yeshiva University's dedication to learning, teaching, research and community by serving as a conduit to knowledge, information, services and expertise that empowers employee success. This area provides:  

  • Consulting services to leaders and managers   
  • Performance management training and support     
  • Development opportunities that enhance personal, professional and team growth   
  • Promotion of communication, teamwork and client service     

Whatever our roles, and wherever we work, each of us supports the pursuit of knowledge and individual growth that symbolizes Yeshiva University. To learn about our services and the opportunities for development available to you, please contact us at We hope you will come back often to learn about new programs and sponsored events. 

Renée R. Coker
Sr. Director, Talent Management & Equity Compliance and Deputy Title IX Officer
Wilf Campus, BH 806
646.592.4336 |  

Karin Rosenthal
Director, Talent Management & Organizational Development 
Wilf Campus, BH 810
646.592.4557 |

Sheri Young
Manager, Talent Management
Wilf Campus, BH 808 
646.592.4558 | 

Jokasta Guzman
HR Specialist, Talent Acquisition
Wilf Campus, BH 800
646.592.4559 | 

Office of Chief Human Resources Officer

Ms. Julie Auster
Chief HR Officer
Wilf Campus, BH 814

Ms. Alana Merly
HR  Specialist, Administration
Wilf Campus, BH 800
646.592.4335 |

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