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Health Plans

Retiree Health Insurance

Retiree employees and their spouses, who are eligible for Medicare, may enroll in a discounted Group Medicare Supplement Plan
through the Hartford Life Insurance Company.  The plan mirrors the benefits provided in a Medicare Supplement Plan F but at a group discount.

The Hartford has many years experience in the Medicare supplement market and works seamlessly with Medicare to help cover most of your out-of-pocket expenses. Highlights of this plan include:

  • Freedom to choose providers and hospitals and medical care anywhere within the U.S.
  • Foreign travel benefits
  • Guaranteed Issue - no medical questions
  • No paperwork or claim forms

Yeshiva University's broker/consultant, Gerard B. Tracy Associates, Inc. will answer any questions about the plan, and how it dovetails with Medicare and how to enroll.  If you have questions please contact Sheena Tracy - Vice President - (203) 222-0900 -

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)

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Time Off

Scheduling Vacation

To maintain appropriate staffing levels, your supervisor will coordinate, schedule and approve your requested vacation dates. You should make your vacation request well in advance to allow time for your supervisor to accommodate all requests and adequately staff the department. Since all vacation requests must be approved in advance, we strongly recommend that you receive final vacation approval before making financial commitments.

You should take all of your earned vacation time each year. Non-represented employees who work 35 hours/week will accrue 20 days per year.  Employees who work less than 35 hours will accrue vacation hours on a pro-rated basis, based upon hours worked.  All vacation time must be approved in advance by your Department Head and scheduled in accordance with operational needs. Vacation should be used on a current basis but may be carried over into another year, if the total vacation carried over on December 31st of each year does not exceed your annual entitlement. The maximum entitlement accrual for full time employees is 40 days (two years’ worth of vacation) or 280 hours.  This maximum accrual is pro-rated for employees who work less than 35 hours, but will never exceed two years’ worth of vacation earnings.  Unused, accrued vacation time beyond your maximum annual entitlement shall be forfeited. All unused accrued vacation time will be paid on separation of employment with Yeshiva. However, an employee who does not provide adequate notice of at least two weeks upon resignation forfeits any rights to unused accrued vacation pay.  For more on Time off and Leaves of Balances please consult the Employee Handbook click here

Sick Time

Full-time employees accrue sick days at the rate of one day per month; part-time employees are eligible to accrue sick leave on a pro-rated basis. Full-time employees can accumulate up to a maximum of 130 days and employees can use up to 40 hours of sick leave for family members and other provisions in accordance with NYC regulations. Part-time employees accumulate and accrue sick leave on a pro-rated basis. If you use all of your available sick days, you can substitute and use your accrued vacation time. Unused sick days are not paid out when you leave Yeshiva. 

Sick days can be used only in cases of genuine illness or injury and if you are on active pay status immediately prior to the illness or injury. Accrual begins when you complete four months of active employment and is retroactive to your date of hire. For more detailed explanation of Leave policies please click here

New York Paid Family Leave

Beginning January 1, 2018, eligible employees in New York State may be entitled to job-protected leave and a certain amount of compensation and benefits continuation through New York's Paid Family Leave (PFL) to care for family members under certain circumstances. This leave is not for an employee's own illness or serious health condition, but is to care for a family member. For details about the NY Paid Family Leave policy please click here.   

Emergency Sick Time Bank