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Panel on Unlawful Harassment

The Panel is appointed by the President (Manhattan Campuses) and charged to provide advice about possible courses of action available to any member of the University community who feels personally pressured or uncomfortable because of behavior that is perceived as unlawful harassment.

If the person wishes to pursue an informal resolution of the complaint, a Panel Member can provide a non-adversarial setting in which the problem can be considered or solved, through confidential counseling and, when appropriate and acceptable to both parties, mediation between the complainant and the alleged harasser.

In the course of such activity, the Panel Member may also assist by clarifying misunderstandings, and helping to assure that situations do not occur in the future that may be construed to be unlawful harassment.

Panel Members may receive complaints of perceived unlawful harassment against a faculty member, student, fellow or member of the staff of Yeshiva, in which the complainant seeks advice about a problem or assistance in resolving the situation. All employees of other institutions are subject to the policies of their respective employer institutions which retain primary authority and responsibility in this area.

In cases involving accusations against employees or agents of another entity or institution, the University may proceed as it deems appropriate consistent with the facts and circumstances involved, including notifying appropriate institutional authorities of the alleged harassment.

The Panel consists of members of the University community, designated by the President. These appointments are guided by considerations of continuity, experience and sensitivity to the concerns of those most likely to be affected by unlawful harassment.

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