Physics Requirements


Thirty-seven credits in Physics courses. Two years of calculus-based General Physics (18 credits).  Three semesters of Calculus.  One semester of Physics Colloquium (1 credit).  Five Physics major Courses (15 credits): Classical Mechanics, Advanced Experimental Physics, Electromagnetism, Statistical Thermodynamics, and Quantum Mechanics. One physics elective (3 credits); Mathematical Physics or Mathematics for Science and Engineering is recommended.  With permission from the department, up to 12 credits can be counted toward the MA in Physics.


Twenty two credits in Physics, which must include the lectures PHY 1051 (4 Credits), 1052 (4 Credits), 2051 (4 Credits) and 2052 (4 Credits), the laboratories PHY 1061 (1 Credit) and 2061 (1 Credit), one semester of Physics Colloquium (1 credit) and one advanced physics class (3 credits).  The advanced physics class can be chosen among Quantum Mechanics, Classical Mechanics, Electromagnetism, Statistical Physics, or a physics elective.