Student Resources

Student Resources


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RIETS Application and Registration

RIETS Application Form (PDF)
RIETS Registration Form (PDF)
RIETS Registration Guidelines Spring 2020 (PDF)
RIETS Professional Courses Spring 2020   (PDF)
RIETS Schedule of Courses Spring 2020 (PDF) 
Kollel Status Form (PDF)
Outside Work Declaration (PDF)
Student Catalog and Handbook (PDF)

Kollel and Honors Applications

Application Form 

Shiurim and Class Information

Fourth-Year Halakha L'ma'aseh Materials (PDF)


Seating Procedures

MYP and RIETS shiurim will be learning in two batei midrashot: the Harry Fischel Beit Midrash (the old ''main beit midrash'') and the Glueck beit midrash. Each rosh yeshiva and his shiur will have a designated learning area within a beit midrash.

Please download the following documents. Contact your shiur assistant if you need help.

Student Information

Courses of Study and Internships (PDF)
Academic Information and Policies (PDF)

Graduation Requirements