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Lev LaDaat

Preparing Rabbis Today for the Challenges of Tomorrow

Through the Lev Ladaat program, RIETS offers semikha students state-of-the-art training around emotional intelligence, pastoral counseling, pastoral psychology, leadership development, and self-awareness. The Lev Ladaat Program aims to create and develop a generation of rabbis who are fully prepared to work with their constituents from the onset of their rabbinical careers.

With courses hand-crafted by a litany of psychologists, social workers, mental health professionals, Jewish professionals, and experienced rabbis, RIETS is confident that our rabbis will be able to handle the full gamut of challenges that a rabbi experiences. This newly developed curriculum revolutionizes what it means to be a Modern Orthodox rabbi and creates a paradigm shift in the way that the rabbinate serves their communities.


Hear From Our Talmidim:

"The Lev Ladaat program at RIETS has been a fundamental part of my education as a rabbinical student. The courses and workshops I've attended have provided me with a comprehensive understanding of pastoral psychology, equipping me with the skills and knowledge necessary to offer support and guidance to those in need. I am particularly grateful for the emphasis the program places on effective communication and public speaking, which have been invaluable assets in my interactions with the congregants as a rabbinical intern at the Young Israel of Plainview.

I believe the Lev Ladaat program is of vital importance not only for my personal growth and development but also for the future of the rabbinate. It provides future rabbis with the tools they need to be compassionate and effective leaders and counselors, and to meet the diverse and complex needs of their congregations. I look forward to bringing the valuable lessons and skills I've learned through the program to my future congregations. "

-Toviya Slager


"In order to properly address the spiritual needs of his congregants, a Rabbi must have a robust understanding of their emotional and psychological needs. The Lev Ladaat program at RIETS has greatly enhanced my understanding in areas such as emotional intelligence and counseling, skills which I am sure will greatly aid me in my future career in the rabbinate."  

-Brian Chernigoff

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