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The Ludwig Jesselson Chaver Program

Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary



Join—or remain—in Yeshiva for a year of full-time/part-time learning before beginning your career or graduate school. 

This is the opportunity to spend a year studying Torah in our world-class Beit Midrash—with the option to earn a Masters’ Degree!

RIETS offers talmidim the highest level of Talmud Torah from some of the world’s preeminent Roshei Yeshiva. Don't miss out on this opportunity for continued growth!

*Students are responsible for housing costs (dorm options available).

To apply, click here.

To learn more click here or email

Sample Day:

1–2 daily Sedarim

Talmud or Halacha (Semicha) shiur in MYP or RIETS

Talmidim choose the limmud. (Many options available)

Flexible options available for students with part-time work or exam preparation

Questions? Email Rabbi Yaakov Taubes at

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