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Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary


  • Brent Baer, Public Speaking Coach
    BBA, George Washington University
  • Michael Bleicher, Adjunct Lecturer of Professional Rabbinics
  • Norman Blumenthal, Lecturer in Pastoral Counseling,
    MA, PhD, Adelphi University
  • Chaim Eisenstein, Rabbinic Faculty, YU Israel Kollel
  • Zev Goldberg, Coordinator of RIETS Internship Program 
  • Mike Landrum, Public Speaking Coach
  • Irving Levitz, Adjunct Lecturer, Rabbinic Training Program
    Carl and Dorothy Bennett Chair in Pastoral Counseling
    BA, MHL, PhD, Yeshiva University; MA, New School for Social Research; Ordination, RIETS
  • MA, PhD, Yeshiva University; Ordination, RIETS
  • Daniel Mann, Lecturer in Jewish Law
    BA, Yeshiva University; Ordination, RIETS; Yadin Yadin Ordination, Eretz Hemdah Institute  
  • David Pelcovitz, Lecturer in Pastoral Counseling
    BA, MS, Brooklyn College; PhD, University of Pennsylvania
  • Uri Orlian, Coordinator, Contemporary Jewish Law
    BA, Yeshiva University; Ordination, Beit Midrash Gevoha, Yadin Yadin Ordination, RIETS
  • Aaron Rakeffet-Rothkoff, Lecturer in Responsa Literature and Jewish Thought
    BA, MA, PhD, Yeshiva University; Ordination, RIETS
  • Larry Rothwachs, Director of Professional Rabbinics
  • Daniel Stein, Coordinator, 4th Year Halacha Le'maaseh Program
  • Neal Turk, Director of RIETS-Ferkauf Joint Graduate Program in Pastoral Counseling
    MA, Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education and Administration; Ordination, RIETS
  • Yaakov Werbloswky, Rabbinic Faculty
  • Netanel Wiederblank, Rabbinic Faculty, Lecturer in Rabbinic Writing
  • Michoel Zylberman, Rabbinic Faculty
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