Firmly set in the emphasis on Talmud, codes and Halakhah [Jewish law], RIETS has developed programs to meet the communal and personal needs of our time and place—for example, business ethics, bioethics, technology—with the unique ambience of intellectual and spiritual exploration that has always characterized the great academies of Jewish learning in the past.

The Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik Semikha Program provides four post-college years of intensive study of Talmud, classical commentaries, Codes and Reponsa literature, supplemented by preparation for daily aspects of the rabbinate.

Our kollelim [institutes for advanced study] provide, among others, intensive courses of study for prospective teaches, rabbinic scholars, posekim [decisors of Jewish law], as well as post-rabbinic training for scholars to become future roshei yeshiva [teachers of Talmud and Torah] and those with a background in Talmud who plan to enter professions other than the rabbinate. In the Presidential Bekius Program, each semester, 20-25 blatt [pages] are selected from the masechta [tractate] that the yeshiva is learning. At the end of each semester, students may take an examination on the Gemara with Rashi or on the Gemara with both Rashi and Tosafot.