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The Human Resources Department and the Einstein Budget Office have been working to improve the Yeshiva Employee Status System (YESS) processes.

With the support of a multi functional team of Einstein and YU administrators, the processes embedded in YESS have been streamlined and will now require fewer approval steps and improved turnarounds. These process improvements will improve the timing of compensation payments to all faculty and staff employees, Pre and Post Docs. The accuracy of data in our employee records and financial systems will also be enhanced.

Effective immediately, we will implement the new PSF routing approval structure for Pre-docs, Post Docs, Faculty (includes Research Trainees and Visiting Scientists) and Staff. A copy of the new PSF Routing instructions are linked below based upon employee classification. We would ask that you review these documents and have them readily available when you process transactions in YESS.

Payroll Calendar:

In an effort to improve timely processing of YESS transactions, we are providing a 2011 calendar on a bi-weekly and monthly payroll to assist in determining the payroll that approved YESS transactions will be processed. If you have any questions, please contact the Payroll office at (718) 430-2207 (Resnick campus) or (212) 960-5466 (Manhattan campus).

There will be more planned improvements over the next several months as well as on-line training and updated YESS documentation. We will continue to communicate with you as changes are implemented.

If you have any questions about the planned improvements, please contact Michele Russo at or Annemarie Blancato at