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B.S. in Accounting Courses

All courses are 3 credits unless otherwise noted.
Please see the Schedule of Classes for the current semester’s offerings.

  • ACC 1001 Principles of Accounting I
    Introduction to financial accounting: the accounting cycle, preparation of financial statements, accounting for cash and temporary investments, receivables, inventories, and long-lived assets.
  • ACC 1002 Principles of Accounting II
    Accounting for current and long-term liabilities, stockholders' equity, statement of cash flows, introduction to management accounting, cost behavior, and break-even analysis. Prerequisite: ACC1001
  • ACC 1101 Intermediate Accounting I
    Intensive study of the application of generally accepted accounting principles to selected assets: including cash, receivables, inventories, long-lived assets, and intangibles. Prerequisite: ACC 1002.
  • ACC 1102 Intermediate Accounting II
    Continuation of the study of balance sheet items: current liabilities, long-term liabilities including bonds, pensions, and stockholders's equity; income tax allocation, leases; principles of income determination, and statement of cash flows. Prerequisite: ACC 1101.
  • ACC 2403 Management Accounting
    Techniques used in decision making for management and financial reporting, product and service costing systems, overhead allocation, standard costs for control and analysis, cost-volume-profit analysis, short-term decision making, and performance evaluation. Prerequisite: ACC 1002.
  • ACC 3201 Advanced Accounting
    Accounting for business combinations and consolidations, foreign operations, segment reporting, interim reporting, and partnerships. Prerequisites: ACC 1102, ACC 2403.
  • ACC 3275 Special Topics in Accounting
    In this course, students will be taught the accounting standards-setting process in the US and the implications of worldwide standard setting by the International Accounting Standards Board. Students will become knowledgeable about several of the recent FASB initiatives, selected SEC requirements and a discussion of the recent activities of the Private Company Council. Prerequisite: ACC 1101.
  • ACC 3851 Financial Statement Analysis
    Methods of communicating information about financing and operating activities of corporations, and techniques for analyzing and evaluating information. Prerequisites: ACC 1002, FIN 1001. Cross-listed with FIN 3851.
  • ACC 3601 Principles of Auditing
    Auditing standards and procedures, auditor's reports, the nature of evidence in the audit, evaluation of internal controls, audit sampling, auditing computerized systems, code of professional conduct. Prerequisite: ACC 3201.
  • ACC 3604 International Finance & Accounting
    Analysis of special topics in international finance, including international capital flows, international accounting, theories of foreign exchange-rate determinations, Eurocurrency and Eurobond markets, and integration of multinational markets. Prerequisite: ACC 1002, FIN 1001. Cross-listed with FIN 3604.
  • BLW 2021 Ethical & Legal Environment in Business
    Substantive law and practical issues as they relate to business; theories of jurisprudence; business ethics and Halakhah as they interface with the law and practical business decisions; the legal process; federal and state court systems; alternative dispute resolution; constitutional law; administrative agencies; criminal law and procedure; torts; products liability; contracts.
  • BLW 2111 Business Law I
    Introduction to the legal process; jurisprudence; federal and state court systems; litigation and alternative dispute resolution; constitutional law; administrative law; criminal law and procedure; torts; contracts; agency formation, operation, and termination; types of business organizations, including sole proprietorship, joint venture, franchise, business trust, cooperative, general partnership, limited partnership, limited liability partnership (LLP), and limited liability company (LLC).
  • BLW 2112 Business Law II
    Corporations, securities regulation; antitrust; insurance; wills, trusts, and estates; personal property and bailment; real property; landlord and tenant; environmental law; intellectual property; sales; warranties;negotiable instruments; secured transactions; creditors rights; bankruptcy. Prerequisite: BLW 2111.
  • BLW 2500 Business and Jewish Law
    This course introduces students to the fusion of Jewish Life within the business world through a variety of topics such as commercial transactions, fraud, theft, and probability in the financial markets. 
  • BUS 4741 Business Internship
    Sy Syms School of Business Juniors and Seniors may take Business Internship for 1 to 3 credits. Students must apply to the Sy Syms Advising Office within the first two weeks of the semester.
  • TAX 6124 Federal Income Taxation (formerly TAX 2501)
    Analysis of the basic principles of federal income taxation as they apply to individuals, and other selected entities. Prerequisite: ACC 1102, and Senior status.
  • TAX 6125 Advanced Federal Income Taxation (formerly TAX 2502)
    Federal income tax law and regulation, with emphasis on corporations, partnerships, trusts, and estates; tools and methods of tax research; review of the practice requirements of the Internal Revenue Service. Prerequisite: TAX 6124.
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