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Michael S. Strauss Z”L Post-Semikha Halacha Fellowship

Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary


Michael S. Strauss Z”L Post-Semikha Halacha Fellowship

The Michael S. Strauss RIETS Halacha Fellowship will give recent rabbinic alumni the opportunity to study practical areas of halacha that are likely to come to shul rabbanim, whether in the form of sheilos or shul policy matters. In addition to deepening halachic knowledge, this fellowship seeks to:

  • cement connections between young rabbis and the poskim of our community
  • allow young rabbanim to engage in serious review of psak during their first years in the field.
  • encourage busy young rabbanim to make lifetime commitments to advance their level of Torah knowledge
  • create cadres of young rabbanim who discuss halachic issues with one another
  • enable young rabbanim the financial flexibility to spend more time learning (and less time on side jobs)

This year’s cohort of nine fellows include:

Rabbi Shmuel Lesher (Toronto) Rabbi Judah Kerbel (Queens) Rabbi Alex Okin (Buffalo) Rabbi Ashie Schreier(Five Towns) Rabbi Ezra Cohen (Bala Cynwyd) Rabbi Sammy Bergman (Fort Lee) Rabbi Ben Kean (Albany)
Rabbi Isaac Bernstein (Livingston)  Rabbi Yossi Katz (Linden)

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