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Center for the Jewish Future


Our Bold Vision

With one foot in the classroom and one in the community, the Yeshiva University Center for the Jewish Future (CJF) brings Yeshiva University's wisdom to life, inviting the world to share our vision: one of inspired and passionate leadership, strong and vibrant communities and a Judaism that is relevant, meaningful and ennobling.

Our many bold, cutting-edge programs include opportunities for both students and Jewish professionals to shape, enrich and inspire the contemporary Jewish people in a variety of ways: from working with disaffected youth in Israel, to touring the United States and sharing the joy of a yom tov, to building and strengthening communities in far-flung locales. We invite you to join with us in this journey, as we reinforce the CJF's position as the voice of Modern Orthodoxy and its role as a powerful vehicle for ensuring a vibrant future for American Jewry.

Our Mission is to shape and inspire the contemporary Jewish community by convening the resources of Yeshiva University through:

  • Infusing the student body with a spirit of leadership and a sense of responsibility to the Jewish people and society in general.
  • Building, cultivating and supporting communities and their lay and rabbinic leaders
  • Creating a global movement that promotes the values of Yeshiva University.

Community Resources

Leadership, education, community and life are inseparably linked. Jewish communities around the world seek out Yeshiva University for support, direction, resources and leadership, and we have a powerful obligation to sustain and depend our relationship with these communities.


Community Resources

Leadership, education, community and life are inseparably linked. Jewish communities around the world seek out Yeshiva University for support, direction, resources and leadership, and we have a powerful obligation to sustain and depend our relationship with these communities.


A Perfect Fit: Connecting Rabbis and Jewish Professionals with Communities and Jobs

The Morris and Gertrude Bienenfeld Department of Jewish Career Development and Placement is part of Yeshiva University’s Center for the Jewish Future (CJF). The department represents the three major Orthodox communal institutions that broadly share a similar world view and vision, serving a common population and goals: Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary (RIETS), an affiliate of Yeshiva University; the Orthodox Union (OU); and the Rabbinical Council of America (RCA). Congregations, schools, organizations and communities that contact RIETS, OU or RCA seeking rabbis, Jewish educators and Jewish communal professionals are referred to our department. Our large network of rabbis are musmachim [ordained rabbis] of RIETS and/or members of RCA.

As a communal service entity, we are eager to serve those congregations, schools, organizations, and communities who turn to us. The network of rabbis whom we serve are musmachim (ordainees) of RIETS and/or members of the RCA. We are eager to learn about your congregation and community, the challenges you face, and the kind of rabbinic leadership you seek so that we can more efficiently and effectively serve you.

We are eager to learn about your congregation and community, the challenges you face and the kind of rabbinic leadership you seek. With this information, we can efficiently and effectively find the rabbi best prepared to meet your needs from within our talented pool of musmachim. Please contact us at

Educator Placement Services

For information about career opportunities for teachers and school leaders or for support in finding teachers and leaders for your school, we invite you to contact Prizmah Center for Jewish Day Schools ( and post to their job board, Please let our colleagues at Azrieli know about the opening(s) by posting on our job board, and emailing

Keeping Former Talmidim Connected

The primary goal of RIETS Rabbinic Alumni is to link its over 2,000 ordained rabbis to Yeshiva University, to RIETS and to each other. This century-old Torah fraternity includes members of the pulpit and those in Jewish education, the chaplaincy (both military and health care), outreach and academia, as well as organizational professionals, roshei yeshiva [professors or Talmud], kollel fellows and the laity.

Programs are geared toward maintaining a connection to the yeshiva and its faculty and facilitating professional growth. In addition, Rabbinic Alumni creates a social network, offers help during times of financial stress and assists the professional rabbi in dealing with new challenges.

To pay your rabbinic alumni dues online, please click here.

Education, Networking, Job Placement and More

Yeshiva University's Center for the Jewish Future (CJF) is committed to providing continuing education and support to the rabbinic family--the rabbis and rebbetzins serving communities around the country and the world.

The camaraderie of rabbinic colleagues and friends, along with the sharing of resources and the continuation of training and learning, affords rabbis and rebbetzins a crucial support system, both physically and virtually, as they shape and lead our communities and future.

Conferences: Bringing Rabbis Together

Legacy Heritage Fund Distinguished Rabbinic Fellowship

This two-year experience offers a holistic continuing education and support experience for an elite rabbinic cohort composed of 30 rabbis. Each year will feature three programs:

  • Two exclusive Yarchei Kallah led by Rabbi Dr. Jacob J. Schacter, one before Pesach and one before the Yamim Noraim, to provide the rabbis with tools and skills to develop their professional and personal growth
  • One annual Executive Rabbinic Seminar (see below)
  • Periodic webinars to capitalize on the relationships formed with peers and offer continuing education from the convenience of home

This program is generously supported by the Legacy Heritage Fund Limited.

Yarchei Kallah

These rabbinic gatherings unite the community of rabbis by bringing groups together to study with master teachers and with each another. Regional gatherings establish relationships between proximal colleagues, and a major annual gathering brings together peers from around North America.

Assistant Rabbi Conference

This one-day conference offers a forum for assistant rabbis to learn together and discuss those challenges unique to them in the rabbinate.

Rabbinic Leadership Conference

A two-day conference that brings together rabbinic leaders to share their experiences. Working together, they help guide Yeshiva University to grow and strengthen its vision of the Orthodox community. The conference also focuses on how rabbis can work collectively to guarantee a future committed lay and klei kodesh.

Executive Rabbinic Seminars

A three-day conference for rabbis and synagogue lay leaders staffed by corporate and synagogue management consultants and faculty of YU's Sy Syms School of Business, who work with participants on synagogue leadership and management dynamics.

Rabbinic Resource Center Site

This comprehensive online resource provides access to the intellectual resources at Yeshiva University, program materials relevant to rabbis and the services of a prominent scholar who is available to research and respond to queries of rabbis in the field. The site also facilitates geographically distant rabbis' mutual sharing of materials and information. The password-protected site is accessible exclusively to rabbis.

Distance Learning: Bringing the Far Near


Webinar technology allows for ongoing online conversations, group presentations and discussions with participants. These interactive programs, perfect for rabbis and rebbetzins who face constraints on their time and resources, can be adapted to address issues of contemporary interest and concern, including topics on pastoral care, Halacha [Jewish law], business and rabbinic self-improvement.

Current Webinar Schedule and Archive

Chomer LeDrush Conference Calls

Prior to major holidays, prominent senior rabbis share sources and ideas for sermons with their rabbinic colleagues.

Online Courses (coming soon)

Our online courses, offering continuing education from YU's graduate school faculties and others, will be accessible to rabbis around the world. Completion of a set number of seminar courses will earn a certificate of achievement.

Rebbetzins Yarchei Kallah

The Center for the Jewish Future has developed one of the first formal programs in America designed to give rabbis' wives the opportunity to meet with seasoned professionals to discuss issues of self, family and community in a safe and supportive environment.

Begun in 2006, the yearly, two-day conferences have included more than 150 rabbis' wives, coming from large metropolitan areas and small towns across North America. The conference was renamed the Rebbetzin Esther Rosenblatt Yarchei Kallah by her family to honor her memory as an exemplary rebbetzin.

Participants have the opportunity to network, to enjoy the intellectual stimulation of Torah study with leading Jewish scholars and to develop lasting relationships and a support system. Session topics have included:

  • Women's Health and Halacha [Jewish law]
  • Generation Z Kids and Teens - What has Changed and How Do We Adapt?
  • Ten Hats and Counting: The Many Roles of a Rebbetzin
  • Handle with Care: Rewards and Challenges for Rabbis' Children
  • The Elusive Search for Spirituality: Practical Tips to Use and to Share
  • Struggles with Infertility: How to assist and understand from a communal, pastoral and personal perspective
  • A Deeper Look into How to Effectively Include People with Disabilities in Our Communities.
  • Financial Planning and Managing for the Rabbinic Family
  • Guidelines for teaching Taharat Hamishpacha
  • Refining a Healthy Rabbi-Rebbetzin Marriage

The theme of a recent Yarchei Kallah was, "The Rabbinic Family:  Developing Our Strengths and Embracing Our Challenges".

Yarchei Kallah for Rebbetzins Website

The Yarchei Kallah for Rebbetzins website was launched in 2014. This password-protected website is a depository for recordings and materials from the most recent conferences. It has a rolodex of contact information of professionals and organizations to use as resources and a forum for the Rebbetzins to share ideas and information.

Rebbetzins Cafe Yahoo group

Over 230 rebbetzins are members of The Rebbetzins Cafe, a Yahoo group, started in 2007, that serves as a forum for discussion, sharing information, advice and support. Topics include child-raising, promoting meaningful conversation at the Shabbat table, dealing with non-kosher birthday parties, motivating a greater observance of Halacha, sharing ideas for fundraisers, classes, chesed projects, gift-giving, smachot, family/community balance and interpersonal challenges.

Resources and Mentoring

Resources and mentoring are available by e-mail and by phone to rebbetzins throughout the year through the Rebbetzins Programming coordinator, Meira Davis.

The Rebbetzin Elaine Wolf a"h Rebbetzin to Rebbetzin Mentoring program in conjunction with the OU, coordinated by Reb. Dr. Adina Shmidman, pairs up newer rebbetzins with more experienced mentors for a year-long supervised mentorship program.

Periodic conference calls, presented and facilitated by professionals on relevant topics are available to the Rebbetzins.

Parsha questions and mini Divrei Torah are sent each week to all the Rebbetzins.

Kallah Teacher Training Programs

During the Nine Days, an intensive three-day Kallah Teacher Training Course, taught by Rebbetzin Peshi Neuburger is offered in Teaneck.

Yimei Iyun for Kallah Teachers, Rebbetzins and Mechanchot are offered in NY, NJ and Florida, in conjunction with the OU.

Semikha Wives Program

Wives of advanced Semikha students, on the pulpit track, are invited, sometimes with their husbands, to a series of sessions to prepare them for a future in the rabbinate. These meetings, coordinated by Rebbetzin Adeena Penner, provide the opportunity for the future rebbetzins to create connections between themselves as a peer group with many similar considerations and circumstances.

Midrashiya Program at Gruss Kollel in Jerusalem

The Rebbetzins Programming coordinator, Meira Davis, and her husband meet with the wives of the Gruss Kollel students every year for a session on "Working together as a Rabbinic Couple."

Graduate Programming

Inspiring Torah Umadda One Community at a Time

Yeshiva University’s year round kollelim in Chicago and Toronto are transformational initiatives that position YU-RIETS as a “Yeshiva without walls,” primed to spread the values of Torah U’madda to the broader community.

Each in their unique way, these YU satellites look to enrich and engage the greater Jewish community with inspired Torah living and learning, celebrating the core values of the primacy of Torah, embracing the larger world through the prism of Jewish ideals and underscoring the religious significance of the State of Israel. Moreover, these initiatives create a laboratory for cultivating young rabbis as future communal leaders by offering them a multiplicity of communal opportunities.

On a weekly basis, the Chicago and Toronto kollelim are touching over 2,600 people, 30 synagogues, eight yeshiva day schools and high schools, federations, and JCCs with over 40 shiurim and a weekly Torah publication. Additionally, the kollelim have worked to address communal issues such as the recent controversy in Beit Shemesh and recent controversies in Jewish law.  The Chicago Kollel recently established a Women’s Institute, which will focus on increasing women’s Torah study and programming in the Chicago area.  Among their many activities, the Toronto Kollel delivered a series of community wide shiurim entitled “Between Yom Ha’atzmaut and Yom Yerushalayim,” focusing on fundamental topics relating to the State of Israel.

Due in part to the efforts of the Kollel, Chicago now has 26 YU rabbis serving in the community, up from four who had been there before the Kollel. In addition, a number of graduating Kollel members have chosen to remain within the community as rabbis, educators and lay leaders. The Chicago and Toronto kollelim have also had great success in placing graduates of the programs in pulpit positions throughout North America.

For more information about the Chicago and Toronto Kollelim, or for information on how to apply, please contact Rabbi Ari Sytner at

School Kollel Fellowships: Reaching High School & Middle School Students

The YU School Internship is a program designed to give schools the opportunity to bring YU students onto their campuses to engage in meaningful and ongoing interaction with their students and to provide YU students an opportunity to gain first-hand experience working in Jewish day schools and to receive support and training that will help them become successful educators.

The YU School Internship includes some standard elements while remaining flexible to meet the varying needs of different schools.

Benefits to Your School
  • Much like a teaching hospital that trains new doctors, schools that work with emerging educators stand to gain from that work. This program has demonstrated the following benefits to schools involved in the program:
  • Early access to emerging talent in the field
  • Increased energy and vibrancy in the school building brought by young educators
  • Strengthening of the practice of everyone in the school by opening your school to training and developing emerging educators
  • Deepening of the school’s relationship with YU and increasing our knowledge of your school to enable us to work more closely in the future and provide targeted support where you most want it
  • Standard (Required) Elements
  • Interns interact with students in a formal classroom setting at least once per week
  • Interns observe class of cooperating teacher at least once per month
Flexible (Optional) Opportunities!
  • Intern leads a chabura
Intern supervises small-group learning
  • Intern leads student life programs
  • Intern arranges informal learning opportunities for students
  • Intern shadows members of the school leadership
  • Intern supports educational technology programs
Who Are the Interns?
  • Men and Women from RIETS, GPATS, Azrieli, Revel, and Wurzweiler
  • College graduates (completed Bachelor’s degree) and Undergraduates
  • Preference for Education students
  • Information session (run by YU) in early Spring
  • Recruiting in mid-to-late Spring
Support and Training Provided by YU!
  • Monthly training by cohort
  • Three to four on-site visits for observation
  • Individual consultation and coaching of interns
Summer pre-service training sessions
  • Two in-service training sessions
  • Contract drafting and human resources management
  • School-provided, in-house mentoring (optional)
  • $1,500 subsidized fee per school cohort (paid to YU)
  • Individual stipend for each intern
  • Travel stipend for interns (optional)

For more information about the CJF School Kollel Fellowships, please contact

Undergraduate Programming

Avodat Hakodesh Evening

The Office of Student Life, together with members of the Al Pi Darko Society for Future Jewish Educators presents the annual Avodat Hakodesh evening. This evening is to dedicated to create a platform for YU and Stern students to learn from exceptional professionals in the field of Jewish education and Jewish community service work. This forum has carefully fashioned panels and lectures addressing fundamental issues in education, professional training and development and the unique needs of the Jewish community.  The experts in these fields have volunteered their time to impart wisdom and knowledge from years of experience. This evening is also an opportunity for students returning from the experiential and service learning missions to take these experiences and discover various ways to engage in a meaningful and inspired life involved in the Jewish community.

For more information, please contact Lauren Elefant or 646.592.4145

Medical Ethics Society: Promoting Education & Awareness

The Yeshiva University Student Medical Ethics Society (MES) is a student-run organization under CJF's guidance whose goal is to promote education and awareness of medical ethics at YU. In addition to the many events held on campus throughout the year, MES's annual conference, attracts  students, faculty, alumni and guests and featured prominent experts in medicine, mental health and Halacha [Jewish law]. The conference is organized in conjunction with the CJF.

For 10 months a year, YU undergrads dedicate their long days to studying a synthesis of Torah and Madda in the classrooms and batei medrash of the Wilf and Beren campuses. Under the auspices of the CJF, they have the opportunity to bring this wisdom to life through the Student Leadership Circle, Summer Learning, and Internship Programs. Students will spend their days involved in high-level Torah study with prominent rabbis around the country or developing their professional skills in significant internships that will catapult their future careers. At the same time, they will be fully immersed in some of North America’s most exciting Jewish communities, learning with community members, giving shiurim and volunteering in local organizations.

Previous programs have taken place in Charleston, SC, East Brunswick, NJ, Houston, TX, Boston, MA, South Bend, IN, and Kansas City, MO.

Leadership Circle Participants engage with community leaders to learn about contemporary issues.

For more information, contact Rabbi Ari Sytner at

The Summer Learning and Internship Initiatives are a project of Yeshiva University Center for the Jewish Future - Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary.

The Student Leadership Circle is a joint project of Yeshiva University Center for the Jewish Future and The Office of Student Life.

2018 Winter Missions

Jewish Life Coast to Coast: The Midwest Experience

Experiential Learning Mission  
January 10-17, 2018

Trip Description: Travel to Kansas City, Chicago, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, and Columbus to take part in learning about both thriving and striving Jewish communities in the Midwest. Explore the rich history of Midwest Jewry while joining fellow students for a family-style road trip. Meet with community professionals, synagogues, educators, teens, and innovators in Jewish Education and spend time touring these historic cities.

2014 Winter Missions

Jewish Life Coast to Coast: The East Coast Experience

Experiential Learning Mission  
January 11-18, 2014

Trip Description: Travel to Baltimore, Richmond, Charleston and Atlanta to discover and learn about the vast, innovative landscape of Jewish education, communal leadership and synagogue life in these areas. Along the way, you’ll meet rabbis, educators, and communal leaders who will inspire you to make a difference in your own communities. 

Service Mission to Haiti

Service Mission
In conjunction with the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee
January 11- 18, 2014

Trip Description: Each day of this service trip will include volunteer work and/or activities dedicated to learning about Haiti’s history, development needs, and the way the country is still rebuilding after the massive earthquake which destroyed much of Port Au Prince, Haiti in January 2010. Participants will learn about the needs of the Haitians through an exchange with professionals and peers, and through Jewish service learning and reflection. 

Hands On NY

Experiential Learning Mission
January 12-16, 2014

Trip Description: Interested in staying in NY this winter but want to spend time volunteering locally? Then this program is for you. Join other YU students to volunteer in our own community of New York. The group will participate in a variety of hands on service projects as well as take part in interactive sessions and programs, which celebrate the importance of local volunteer opportunities and organizations.

2012 Missions in the News

Israel trip explores Judaism and social justice
Local YU students visit prisons, schools, and low-income areas

Spurred on in part by last summer’s protests in the United States and Israel, 40 college students spent part of their semester break exploring Jewish social justice in Israel. The Yeshiva University students participated in two eight-day experiential education programs beginning Jan. 15. They visited prisons, schools, and kibbutzim and met with Supreme Court judges and religious, governmental, and social action leaders. Read full article on New Jersey Jewish News.

Reframing the dialogue
YU students in Israel to examine social justice issues

A group of Yeshiva University students landed at Ben-Gurion Airport in mid-January and went to prison, then went on to a halfway house for former convicts. Clearly, this was not the usual college semester-break trip.The 15 men and 15 women were on an eight-day experiential program in Israel, “Tzedek and Tzedaka,” offered by the university’s Center for the Jewish Future (CJF) to explore the concepts of justice and social justice in a modern democratic Jewish state. Read full article on New Jersey Jewish Standard.

OHDS students get schooled on Jewish view of social protest

What does political upheaval look like when viewed through a Jewish lens? Does protest carry particular responsibilities and prohibitions for the observant Jew? And how do the Torah and the commentaries help shape social consciousness?

Students from Yeshiva University, the flagship school of the Modern Orthodox movement in New York City, brought these kinds of thought-provoking questions to seventh- and eighth-graders at Oakland Hebrew Day School Jan. 17 and then worked with them to hash out answers, framed by the events of the Arab Spring and Occupy Wall Street movements. Read full article "OHDS students get schooled on Jewish view of social protest" on

For YU students, close-up looks at social issues in Israel

In a year of upheaval for both the American and Israeli Jewish communities, 2011 saw Occupy Wall Street and the tent protests on Tel Aviv’s Rothschild Boulevard pushing social issues to the forefront of discussion in the media and at the family dinner table. From Jan. 15 to Jan. 23, Yeshiva University (YU) sent two groups of student volunteers from New York to Israel, 40 people in total, on a mission to participate in solving the problems currently affecting the Jewish homeland. Read full article "For YU students, close-up looks at social issues in Israel" on The Canadian Jewish News

YU Students Talk Tachlis about Social Justice

Tucked away in an office in South Tel Aviv, a group of unlikely bedfellows engaged in some weighty conversation. Stav Shafir, one of the most prominent leaders of the social protest movement that shook up Israel this past summer, and a group of Stern College for Women students of Yeshiva University in New York, talked tachlis about social justice. “This wasn’t a protest just about housing – housing was the symbol for all of our social services,” explained the 26-year-old Shafir as she delved into the issues that prompted hundreds of thousands of Israelis of all ages, backgrounds and ethnicities to demonstrate for a more just society. Read full article "YU Students Talk Tachlis about Social Justice" on eJewish Philanthropy

Kemp Mill Synagogue ~ Silver Spring, Maryland ~ Shavuot 2019 Cohort

Torah Tours®: Spreading the Yom Tov Spirit

Now in its fourth decade, Aaron and Blanche Schreiber's Torah Tours® joint program of The Office of Student Life and CJF shares the Torah knowledge and enthusiasm of Yeshiva University, Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary (RIETS), and Graduate Program in Advanced Talmudic Studies (GPATS) students and alumni with Jewish communities throughout the world. During the holiday celebrations of Simchat Torah and Shavuot, teams of four to six young men and women visit communities across the United States, Canada and Europe to teach Torah classes, lead singing and dancing, meet with synagogue youth and create a fun and spirited yom tov experience.

If you have any questions, please contact Marjorie Rasinovsky Albert at 646.592.4131 or at

Past Participating Communities Include:

Allentown, PA • Baltimore, MD • Bayside, NY • Binghamton, NY • Bloomington, IN • Boynton Beach, FL • Brookline, MA • Buffalo Grove, IL • Buffalo, NY • Charleston, SC • Cincinnati, OH • Columbus, OH • Cote St-Luc, QC • Dallas, TX • Denver, CO • Dewitt, NY • East Brunswick, NJ • East Windsor, NJ • Edison, NJ • Elizabeth, NJ • Elkins Park, PA • Ellenville, NY • Fair Lawn, NJ • Flushing, NY • Forest Hills, NY • Great Neck, NY • Houston, TX • Las Vegas, NV • Lido Beach, NY • Linden, NJ • Livingston, NJ • Long Branch, NJ • Lowell, MA • Mamaroneck, NY • Memphis, TN • Merrick, NY • Milwaukee, WI • Montreal, QC • Mt. Kisco, NY • New Haven, CT • New Rochelle, NY • Newton Centre, MA • Newton, MA • Overland Park, KS • Palm Beach, FL • Palo Alto, CA • Parsippany, NJ • Passaic, NJ • Philadelphia, PA • Pittsburgh, PA • Poughkeepsie, NY • Providence, RI • Richmond, VA • Roslyn Heights, NY • San Francisco, CA • Savannah, GA • Schenectady, NY • Silver Spring, MD • Skokie, IL • Springfield, NJ • Stamford, CT • Staten Island, NY • Toronto, ON • Washington, DC • Wesley Hills, NY • West Hartford, CT • West Hempstead, NY • Westmount, QC • Westport, CT • Wilkes Barre, PA • Williamsville, NY

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