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Faculty Council

Office of the Provost

The Yeshiva University Faculty Council serves as a forum that enables faculty from across the institution to consider and resolve critical governance and educational issues. The council is the organization through which the various faculty bodies participate in the formulation of University-wide academic policies.

The faculty of the undergraduate and graduate schools of Yeshiva University, with the exception of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, are represented in the Faculty Council. Participating are the faculty bodies of:

Additionally, the provost and one representative from the Deans' Council are regular participants in all general session meetings of the Faculty Council. See the List of Representatives.

Current officers of the council are Gabriel Cwilich (YC) Co-Chair, Abraham Ravid (Syms) Co-Chair, and Vladimir Kovtun (Syms) Secretary. One representative from each school also sits on the Executive Committee of the Faculty Council. See a report released by the Executive Committee in spring 2015By-laws govern the functions of the council and its committees.

Council's Activities:

Surveys run by the Council:

1) 2018 Survey of "Faculty current state"

2) 2019 Survey of "Faculty current state"

3) 2020 Survey of "Faculty compensation"

4) 2023 survey of Faculty currnet state plus faculty compensation.pdf

Letters sent to administration by the Council:

1) Letter to President Berman regarding faculty's compensation and benefits November 2021

2) Letter to Administration in preparation to Middle State review December 2021

3) Letter to President Berman, Provost Botman, and CFO Schreiber May 2022

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