Mission and History

Yeshiva University’s guiding vision serves as the premise for the educational mission of Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology: to train highly qualified professional psychologists in the fields of clinical, school and school-clinical child psychology for the doctor of psychology degree; and to train skilled researchers in the fields of developmental and clinical health psychology for the doctor of philosophy degree.

To these ends, our students receive training in the basic skills common to all psychologists and quality training in the specialty fields to prepare them to apply established knowledge toward prevention and healing, and to advance knowledge in those fields. The school developed from the University’s School of Education and Community Administration (1948–1957) and Graduate School of Education (1957–1965). It was named in 1965 to honor the vision and generosity of Eugene and Estelle Ferkauf and later became Ferkauf Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences (1966–1977) and Ferkauf Graduate School (1977–1982).

Development as a school of psychology began in 1975, with the joining of the Departments of Psychology and Educational Psychology to form the University-wide Department of Psychology. The School of Professional Psychology was established at Ferkauf Graduate School in 1979 in response to changing patterns of training in psychology and new patterns of student demand for such training.

In 1980, we received approval to grant the Doctor of Psychology degree in clinical psychology and school psychology.

In 2007, we celebrated our 50th anniversary (PDF), a milestone marked by numerous festivities, including a gala honoring our founding benefactors as well as other members of the Ferkauf family. We extend the invitation to you to join our family as well and to take your first step toward changing your life—and the lives of others.