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Fieldwork comprises a major portion of your MSW education. The Field Instruction Office designs and evaluates first- and second-year field placements, which allow students to develop the required practice skills with individuals, families, groups and communities. As a student conducting fieldwork, you learn engagement, assessment, intervention, evaluation and termination in a range of settings that provide diverse clients for you to serve. Through the weekly supervision and feedback from your social work field instructor, you develop self-reflection and improve your use of self with clients. You have maximum opportunities to build relationships with clients while learning to integrate classroom knowledge and professional ethics within your client interactions.

Settings such as hospitals, child welfare agencies, mental health and psychiatric facilities, child and family services, gerontology support programs, school-based services and substances abuse treatment all provide unique options for you to encounter clients and develop skills necessary to offer professional help and service. As a first-year student, you develop foundation practice skills, and in your second year, you deepen practice skills in your selected concentration area.

The directors in the Field Instruction Office develop field placements for students in all Wurzweiler programs: concurrent students who are given placements in a fieldwork agency; PEP students whose field placements are developed at their employing agencies; and block students coming from broad geographic area nationally and internationally.

Field Instruction Manual (PDF)
Learning Contract Letter (PDF)
Learning Contract 2017-2018 (PDF)


Planning for Field Placement: First Year

Instructions for First Year Field: Letter to Incoming Students (PDF)
Instructions for First-Year Field Letter to Block Students  (PDF)
Instructions for First Year Field Letter to Extended Students  (PDF)
Field Placement Planning Form: First Year (PDF)
Work-Study Contract: First Year (PDF)
Criteria for Work-Study Field Placement (PDF)
Field Instructor Data Sheet (PDF)
Educational Coordinator Letter: First Year (PDF)

Planning for Field Placement: Second Year

Instructions for Second-Year Field Letter-.pdf (PDF)
Instructions for Second Year Field Advanced Standing Students (PDF)
Instructions for Second-Year Field Letter to Block Students (PDF)
Field Placement Planning Form: Second Year(PDF)
Work-Study Contract: Second Year (PDF)
Criteria for Work Study (PDF)
Faculty Advisor Recommendation: Second Year (PDF)
Field Instructor Data Sheet (PDF)
Educational Coordinator Letter: Second Year (PDF)

Information for Agencies

Agency Request for Students Information Letter (PDF)
Agency Request for Students Placements Form (PDF)
Agency Application (PDF)

Office of Field Instruction Field Evaluations

Letter for Educational Coordinators - Winter Program (PDF)
Letter for Educational Coordinators - Block Program (PDF)
First-Year Evaluation (PDF)
Second-Year Evaluation (PDF)