Kupietzky Fellowship

In establishing the Rabbi Jacob H. Kupietzky Memorial Program for the Study of Kodshim, the Kupietzky family pays tribute to Rabbi Kupietzky's father, a Talmudic scholar who learned with the legendary Chafetz Chaim, and paves the way for a new generation of scholars to acquire mastery of the rarified texts and esoteric concepts of the Talmudic order of Kodshim.

We at RIETS have been and continue to be beneficiaries of the generosity and grand vision of Rabbi Jonah and Fran Kupietzky.

This year we are blessed with a remarkable cadre of three young men who received their Yeshiva College degrees in the fields of mathematics and philosophy, and are now proudly focusing their intellectual energies on the study of Kodshim as this year's Kupietzky Fellows.

Each Kupietzky scholar devotes a regular weekly seder toward the study of Kodshim, the fifth order of the six orders of the Talmud.

The scholars are typically post-semikha students who are chosen based on their scholarly erudition, exemplary character and proven record of excellence in Talmudic studies.

The Talmud teaches us (Menachos 110a) that those who study Kodshim are viewed as if they are actually performing the sacrificial order in the Holy Temple. Through the munificence of the Kupietzky family, our students are able to bring the Jewish people closer to our eternal aspiration for ultimate redemption.