Co- Founder of Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary
RIETS was founded in 1897 by three lovers of Torah – Rabbi Moses Mayer Matlin, Rabbi Yehuda David Bernstein, and David Abramowitz. Born in Soly Russia, David Abramowitz served as executive director, manager, comptroller, bookkeeper, registrar, dean of men, fundraiser, as well as many other capacities. Until his death in 1916, he served as the Superintendent of RIETS.
In 1927, during the construction of the present building of Yeshiva University on Amsterdam Avenue, a Megillah (describing the history and purpose of the school) was deposited under the cornerstone.  This scroll memorialized the pioneers of the school:  Rabbi Moses Matlin, Rabbi Yehuda David Bernstein and David Abramowitz. With great vision and determination and without financial resources,  a founding board, a congregational union or experienced leadership,  they created the first Orthodox Rabbinical Seminary in America. Their purpose and goal was to promote the study of the Talmud and to assist, educate and prepare students of the Hebrew faith for the Hebrew Orthodox Ministry (Rabbinate).
The inscription on David Abramowitz’s Matzevah sums up this pious man: “Here is buried, a dear soul, a famous man from a respected family; his work was in charitable acts.  For days and years he went in the righteous path. May his soul be tied to the lives of the living.”