Welcome from the Dean: Memo to Students 

TO:         All BRGS Students

Daniel Rynhold

FROM:     Daniel Rynhold, Dean

DATE:     August 07, 2020

Dear Student, 

It is a great honor (actually honour, but that's another conversation) to be taking the reins as the Dean of the Bernard Revel Graduate School of Jewish Studies. I say with utter sincerity that it is deeply humbling to be following in the footsteps of such illustrious forbears, the last two of whom I have served under (if only for the final year of the tenure of Dean Hyman (z’l)). Dean Berger‘s efforts in professionalizing and growing the school, in particular the Ph.D. program, are there for all to see. It is my fervent hope that together with Associate Dean Cohen I can both maintain and with God’s help continue this growth - and do so with something at least approaching the same levels of grace and wisdom as my predecessor.

It goes without saying that this is not the situation into which I expected to step. Ordinarily, there would be little for me to say to you in my introductory communication other than “business as usual.” That, of course, is not the case, and instead, this initial message is primarily about some very important steps that you will need to take as we face an unprecedented academic year. I am looking to you – our students – to partner with us in order to ensure that Revel is best placed to come through this difficult period relatively unscathed, if not stronger.

As per usual, and if you have not done already, please examine the list of courses and the academic calendar that are accessible on this website. This message has always contained the following sentence: “The calendar contains information about critically important deadlines with both academic and financial implications. Please study it carefully.” This is always meant seriously, but right now, I cannot emphasize how important this is. So I ask you to all please read the following very carefully and act upon it as soon as possible. 


It is ABSOLUTELY IMPERATIVE that Revel students register in a timely manner. The university may not allow courses with too few students to run. Registration is open now, so please register immediately for your Spring courses. Failure to do so could jeopardize the course being taught. All courses can now be registered for online (though for Master’s Research and Guided Readings you will need to contact Ms. Washington first). Instructions for online registration appear at the end of this memo. There will, for obvious reasons, be no in-person registration this semester. If you have any questions or problems, please email Ms. Washington (swarren@yu.edu). The deadline for registration is January 25, after which there will be a $50 late fee.

Continuous Record

Students should be aware that they must have a continuous record at BRGSJS. MA students who have completed the course work but are making up assignments and/or studying for the comprehensive examinations, or students who wish to take a leave of absence, must register in the appropriate category during the regular registration period. Those who need to do this will need to contact Ms. Washington who will be able to arrange for you to register online for the course.

Comprehensive Written Examinations for the MA Degree

Please note the March 26th deadline for applying for the Comprehensive Examination for the May 2021 degree to be taken on May 12th. You can now register for the comprehensive exam online.

To take the examination a student must be an active student. This means that one must either be taking regular courses or be registered for Master’s Research. In addition, the student must have completed all the courses for the MA or be in the process of completing them during the Fall semester. Students taking 5000 level courses during the Fall that are required in their concentration must receive special permission from the office of the Dean to take the December examination; for the Bible concentration, such permission will generally not be granted. Students with an “Incomplete". The final grade itself does not have to be filed by the date of the examination.


Students who expect to graduate in May 2021 must file an application for the degree by March 26th. Applications are filed with the Registrar's office. Students should make certain that their academic record is in order. They must also determine that the final transcript documenting their undergraduate degree is on file.


The work for a given semester should normally be completed by the end of that semester, and instructors may require that this procedure be followed. With the instructor's permission, students may take up to an additional semester and a summer to complete their work. In the case of a summer course, the deadline is at the beginning of the following spring semester. Give your work directly to the instructor, an electronic copy must be filed with the office by the appropriate deadline. Fellowships will not be renewed and scholarships will not be granted if work is not submitted within this time frame. In special circumstances, a modest extension may be granted with the permission of both the faculty member and the Dean.  Requests for such extensions must be made before the deadline. After the deadline, the course(s) in question may not be completed successfully and will not count toward the degree. Any additional courses that will consequently be needed to complete the degree will not be covered by financial aid.

Withdrawal From Courses

Students who wish to withdraw from a course must file the appropriate form at the Revel office. If the form is submitted by February 2nd, the course will not appear on the student's record. If it is submitted after this date but no later than April 7th, it will appear on the student's record with a “W”. University policy requires students who drop a course after February 2nd to pay tuition for the course, according to a sliding scale which can be found on the Revel Calendar. Those who were granted a tuition scholarship for the course will be billed. April 7th is the last day to drop a course. Students who do not file the appropriate form by that date must complete work in the course by the deadline(s) outlined in the section on Incompletes.

Tuition Scholarships and Fellowships

Returning students must reapply for scholarships for the 2021-22 academic year. New applicants to the MA program wishing to receive an award for Spring 2021 must also file a scholarship application. The applications are available online and in the Revel office.


Students applying for parking through the Security Office at 2521 Amsterdam Avenue. See the Department of Safety and Security website for more information. Space is limited.

Graduate Student Health Insurance

Please see very important information below:

Links with instructions and information regarding student health insurance and fees



Frequently Asked Questions 




Proceed with Registration:  

· Click on INTERNET EXPLORER and type in https://insidetrack.yu.edu 

· Log in with your username and password  

· On the top header, hover over/click on “Students”  

· Select “Graduate”  

· Navigate to Banner Self‐Service (lower right of the screen)  

· Click on “Student and Financial Aid” 

· Click on “Registration” 

· Click on “Add or Drop Classes” 

· Select Term Spring 2021 and click on “Submit” 

·To ADD classes: read the instructions. Scroll to the bottom and enter the CRNs for the classes you  wish to ADD in the “ADD CLASSES” boxes.  Note:   a)  You  must  be  registered  for  a  Torah  studies  program  before  proceeding  to  add  afternoon Jewish studies courses and general studies courses.   b) For courses with corequisites, CRNs must be entered simultaneously.  · Click on “SUBMIT CHANGES” to submit your ADD requests. Errors, if any, will be displayed at the  bottom of the page.   

4. To DROP a  class: use  the ACTION  pull‐down  boxes  to WEB DROP a  class in  the  “CURRENT SCHEDULE”  area. Click on “SUBMIT CHANGES”.  

5. To ADD a dropped class (subject to the last day to add a course):  

·If you webdropped a class, scroll to the bottom and enter the CRN for the class you wish to ADD  in the “ADD CLASSES” boxes. Click on “SUBMIT CHANGES”. · If the dropped class has the ‘Drop/Delete’, ‘Web Withdrawal’ or ‘Official Withdrawal – Z’ status  then use  the ACTION pull‐down box  to WEB ADD  the class in  the “CURRENT SCHEDULE” area.  Click on “SUBMIT CHANGES”. 

6. To  SWITCH  a  class  with  a  corequisite,  use  the  ACTION  pull‐down  box  to  WEB  DROP  the  class  in  the  “CURRENT SCHEDULE” area and then enter the CRN for the class you wish to ADD in the “ADD CLASSES”  box. Click on “SUBMIT CHANGES.” 

Have a GREAT semester!