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Faculty and Staff Registrar Information


It is our hope that the information below will assist faculty in answering their most frequently asked questions.  Faculty who have additional questions or concerns can contact the Office of the Registrar for additional support. 

Our contact information is available here.


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In most cases faculty of record in a given course will access Banner Self Service (Available through Inside Track) to enter grades, view classroom locations, and view class rosters. As the schedule is built, faculty are assigned to the course, and access to view that course’s information in Banner Self Service should be automatic. Faculty do not have to request access if they are already assigned to the course in Banner. If you cannot find your course in Banner Self Service, please contact us for technical support.

Please view the Banner Self Service guide for instructions regarding logging in to Inside Track.

In certain cases, faculty and staff will need a full Banner account to access functionality and information not available in Banner Self Service. In these cases, your manager will need to request Banner access on your behalf by logging into Inside Track, clicking on the ‘Manage Employee’ tab, scrolling down to the ‘HR Tools and Systems’ menu and clicking on ‘Banner Access Request Onboarding’. It is important that your manager lists your responsibilities and tasks you will be performing in Banner, so your type of access can be determined.

The Office of the Registrar will consider and approve all requests for access to the student information system. Approval will be granted based on the endorsement of your dean or director and our assessment of legitimate educational interest as defined by relevant laws and our FERPA policy.

Information coming soon

Class rosters are available to faculty, with real-time changes, in Banner Self Service (Available through Inside Track). If you have any difficulty viewing your roster or do not see the classes and/or students you expect to, please contact us. Faculty should review their rosters weekly during the first month of classes to ensure accuracy.

Faculty should notify the Office of the Registrar within 24 hours if they notice the following:

  • A student is sitting in class who does not appear on the class roster
  • A student is on the roster but has not attended class
  • A student stops attending class and is deemed to have withdrawn from the course

Classroom scheduling for your classes is handled by the Office of the Registrar. Please feel free to contact us at any time with any concerns or needs you feel we should know about. Ad-hoc requests for rooms are handled by the Office of Events.

Faculty may submit grades online through Banner Self Service (Available through Inside Track). For technical support please contact us.

Please note, faculty are expected to submit grades no later than 72 hours after the final exam.  This deadline may be different for graduate programs.

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