Frequently Asked Questions



How do I order a transcript?

To access the Transcript Request Form, please go to Please note we do not accept requests via the phone. If there are pending issues such as grading, graduation conferral, outside coursework, etc. it may be necessary to review your transcript beforehand to ensure aesthetical content. 

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I graduated, but I had never received my diploma.

Diplomas are sent approximately 8 to 12 weeks after the end of the term you applied for graduation. We send diplomas to the permanent address you put on your degree application; if you have not received your diploma please contact the Registrar's Office on your campus to verify your permanent address.

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I'm not going to complete my degree requirements until the fall term, but I'd like to go through spring term commencement. Should I file a degree application?

Yes, but clearly mark which term you are applying for graduation and which term you will attend the ceremony.

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Will my name appear in the commencement program if I don't file an application for my degree?

No, it won't. If it is very important that your name appear, be sure to file for your degree on time.

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How do I apply for a degree?

You can pick up an application in the Registrar's Office on your campus.

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How do I get my grades?

You can get your grades by visiting You will need to enter your YU ID, which can be found at

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How can I obtain an enrollment verification certificate?

You may obtain an official enrollment verification certificate from our partners at the National Student Clearinghouse at any time, free-of-charge, by logging on to MyYU

Requests for other types of letters, e.g. Academic Standing or Degree Verification, must be submitted in writing. You may fax or email a request to the Registrar's Office on your campus. Be sure that your request includes your YU ID number, your name, the best number and time to reach you as well as the specific letter you are requesting. Please also let us know if you will be picking up the letter personally or if you prefer us to mail or fax it.

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How do I log in?

If this is your first time logging on: you should have received an email with your new random pin. You will be prompted to change your PIN once you access the system. The PIN will need to be 6 numbers. You can not use 123456 or 111111 as a PIN. If you did not receive an email — please feel free to contact If you have since changed your PIN and do not remember it, you should click on the "RESET MY PIN" button.

If you have previously logged on: use whatever numbers you chose your first time logging on.

If you need a new pin: please follow the directions for resetting a pin and one will be emailed to you, or click "RESET MY PIN"

If you forgot your pin: but remember your security question follow those directions under Forgot Pin, or click "RESET MY PIN"

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How do I check the textbook information for my courses?
  1. Go to 
  2. Click on Faculty, Students and Staff
  3. Log in
  4. Click on Student and Financial Aid
  5. Click on Registration
  6. Click on Look Up Classes
  7. Select Term
  8. Select (at least) a subject AND Course Level
  9. Click highlighted CRN # of desired class
  10. If the instructor has noted what materials/textbooks are required click “Syllabus Available”. If the “Syllabus Available” link does not appear, the instructor has not yet indicated the required materials/textbooks.

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