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Experimentation and theory for a smarter, safer, and healthier world


30 credits | Master of Arts | Full or Part time | On Campus | Day and Evening Classes

YU’s M.A. in Physics program, based in New York City, specializes in solving problems in quantum information, mechanical and electronic materials behavior, propagation of waves, biological matter, dynamics, and hardware and software development. These activities are of intrinsic interest from a fundamental point of view and they are also geared toward engineering applications.

Our master's in physics program explores exciting fields like quantum information and materials behavior. It prepares students for impactful careers in academia, industry, teaching and entrepreneurship while also developing their artistic appreciation for observing nature through the physicist’s lens. With robust knowledge of computer software and hardware development, our graduates gain access to rewarding jobs in the high-technology field, including developing their own high-tech startups. They also continue on to Ph.D. programs and apply their knowledge in a range of industries, such as engineering, business, finance and medicine. Come to New York City to study and network with the best. Generous scholarships and financial aid available for a limited time. Apply now!

Jobs for physicists are expected to grow 7% from 2019 to 2029, faster than the average for all occupations, and the median annual salary for a physicist was $122,850 in 2019, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.


  • Gain practical hands-on programming experience.
  • Learn engineering/applied physics and computational physics, as well as hardware use and computer software development.
  • Utilize state-of-the art laboratories with equipment for advanced experiments in mechanics, electromagnetism, optics, lasers, electronics, quantum and nuclear physics, as well as mechanical and electrical engineering.

Gain industry experience in major companies, startups and YU’s Innovation Lab in New York and elsewhere through internships that count toward your degree. Read more on the curriculum page or speak with an advisor.

Yeshiva University’s master’s degree in physics is a STEM-approved degree. International students may be eligible for up to 36 months of Optional Practical Training (OPT). The program also offers several opportunities for Curricular Practical Training (CPT).

Through the BA/MA option, YU undergraduates can take up to 12 graduate credits which will count towards both their bachelor's and master's degrees. After completing their bachelor's, students can complete their master's in just one more year. 

  • Admissions criteria: Junior standing in any YC/SCW major with a minimum GPA of 3.2 and a minimum grade of B+ in the prerequisite coursework listed below. Students can begin taking graduate coursework in their junior or senior year.
  • Prerequisites for graduate coursework: The following four Physics courses – including at least one course with a lab – with a minimum grade of B+ in each: Mechanics, Electromagnetism, and 2 Intermediate/Advanced courses.

For more information, please contact Department Chair Dr. Fredy Zypman.

  • Top-notch research and industry faculty.
  • Career support and professional networking opportunities.
  • Small classes where you’ll get to know everyone by name.
  • Opportunities to gain industry experience through internships and fieldwork.