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                                                      Health Alert: COVID-19 - Please refer to our latest updates here.  Classes are being conducted remotely as of March 16th.


Advances in physics lead to new technologies, from the electronics industry based on quantum physics, to the global positioning system based on the theory of relativity, and computer hardware based on materials physics. Yeshiva University’s Physics Department specializes in solving problems on quantum information, mechanical and electronics materials behavior, propagation of waves, biological matter, dynamics, and hardware and software development.  These activities are of intrinsic interest from a fundamental point of view, but also are geared toward engineering applications. With robust knowledge of computer software and hardware development, our students gain access to rewarding jobs in the high technology field including developing their own high-tech startups.


  • Gain practical hands-on programming experience.
  • Learn engineering/applied physics and computational physics, as well as hardware use and computer software development.
  • Utilize state-of-the art laboratories with equipment for advanced experiments in mechanics, electromagnetism, optics, lasers, electronics, quantum and nuclear physics. Our newest engineering laboratory is used to teach mechanical and electrical engineering courses.
  • Prepare for your PhD or apply your knowledge in industries such as engineering, business, finance, medicine.
  • Earn your degree at a top 100 university according to U.S. News and World Report.