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Housing Resources

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Find Your Place

Living in New York City can be an incredible experience, and finding the right place to live is an important part of that journey. 

We have compiled these resources to assist you in your housing search, but we do not endorse or recommend any particular housing option. You should carefully review and evaluate your options and understand any agreement before you sign it. It is your responsibility to determine if a housing option is suitable and legal.


On-Campus Housing

YU offers the following on-campus housing options for graduate students; space is very limited.

  • The Benjamin: The Benjamin is YU's graduate dormitory, located in midtown Manhattan (at 29th Street and Lexington Ave) on YU's Beren Campus. YU's Wilf and Resnick campuses are each about 50-60 minutes away by public transportation. Contact to request more information or click here to apply for housing
  • Married Student Housing: Married students may apply to live in an apartment in Washington Heights (near YU's Wilf Campus) whose monthly rent is negotiated by the University. Download an application and join the waiting list. Contact Marcy Reiz with any questions. 

Off-Campus Housing

Apartment Search Tools
Search for apartments in the New York City and surrounding areas with these online tools: 

Housing Communities 

  • Educational Housing Services (EHS): EHS manages several dormitory-style student and intern housing facilities in New York City.
  • Belmont Housing Reality: Belmont Realty has established a reputation for managing quality off-campus student housing within the picturesque Little Italy section of the Bronx with well-run off-campus student accommodations that offer the best in quality, service, location, safety, and affordability.

Short Term Housing 


International Student Housing

Check out International House, which provides graduate students housing to approximately 700 resident members from more than 100 countries. 

Find additional supports for international students here. YU's Office of International Services is also available to answer any questions -- from navigating the visa process to traveling to Yeshiva University.


Additional Resources

  • Katz Community Facebook Group - Join the Katz community and inquire about best practices and rooming opportunities with our students.

  • - This website provides helpful information and tips on budgeting, decorating, housekeeping, living with roommates and other important considerations for moving into your new apartment. 

  • Roommate Living - Here, you'll find helpful tips on what to look for in a roommate.

  • Finding a Roommate - This site provides a list of roommate services.

  • NYC Tenants Rights

  • NYC Rent Guidelines Board - This is a great resource with FAQs on rent and affordable housing.

  • Legal Resources - For questions about your legal rights as a tenant, or if you think you may have been discriminated against, visit or call the New York City Commission on Human Rights Hotline at (212) 306-7500.

  • Real Estate Brokers - You may choose to use a real estate broker to assist with your apartment search. Brokers are licensed sales agents who act on behalf of a property owner and prospective purchasers/renters in real estate transactions. You can find brokers in the classified or real estate sections of New York newspapers. Please note: real estate brokers usually charge a finder’s fee, typically equivalent to one month's rent. If you choose to work with a broker, make sure you are aware of the fee in advance.

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