International Students

  • Still Qualify for OPT

  • Earn your STEM Master’s Degree in less than 2 years

This roadmap to OPT qualification is subject to visa approval.

You Belong at Yeshiva

Yeshiva University is home to nearly 500 international students from 50 different countries. We have a welcoming campus in the heart of New York. This is your opportunity to live and work in an exciting atmosphere filled with rich professional possibilities.

New York City

New York City — one of the world's largest urban economies — has long been a gateway to living and working in America. As a student living in the city, you will have access to internship and career opportunities with globally dominant companies like JPMorgan Chase, IBM, and Citigroup, as well as countless startups, nonprofit organizations, hospitals, and research institutes.

The City That Never Sleeps didn't just earn that name for its fast-paced business world. With internationally-recognized museums like the Guggenheim and the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), historic Broadway playhouses like the Lyceum and the Music Box, and a constantly-evolving array of 24,000 restaurants, New York is also an exciting and adventurous place to live.

With ideal career leads at your fingertips and countless venues for culture and entertainment, New York is the best place to earn your graduate degree.

International Student Services

Yeshiva University has many resources to support students coming from abroad, organized under the Office of International Student Services. There, you can find help with immigration forms, visa applications, employment information, and more. You will have the opportunity to apply for Optional Practical Training (OPT), which provides a student visa for pursuing employment related to your field of study. Our advisors will be happy to help you with visa preparation, immigration interview, and transition to New York City.

See our Student Life pages to learn more about other services available to all graduate students at The Katz School.

Dean's scholarships, Merit Awards and external funding are awarded to a number of students every year. In addition, the university offers research, teaching, and other graduate assistantships on an as-needed basis. Yeshiva University will also work with your company’s tuition reimbursement policies (within reasonable limits). The university can also accommodate scholarships awards from your home country. If you need further financial support, financing options, including federal student loans and private loans, are available for qualified candidates.

What is OPT?

Optional Practical Training (OPT) is a type of work authorization benefit available to most F1 students for a total of 12 months during or after completion of studies. Students are not required to participate in practical training. If you decide to participate, you may do so for any portion of the 12-month period. Most students choose to take advantage of OPT after graduation to continue living and working within the United States.

Students must have and maintain F1 visa status, and they must complete one academic year of studies. The training must be directly related to the student’s area of study and be equal to a student’s educational level.

Am I eligible?

Students who are pursuing a degree in one of the STEM fields may be eligible for a 24-month extension to OPT (Optional Practical Training). Students must have F1 visa status, participate in a government-recognized STEM Designated Degree Program, be employed by E-Verify employers, and must have already completed the 12-month OPT. Students meeting these requirements may apply for the extension. Students meeting these requirements may apply for the extension. If approved, the 24-month OPT extension would begin the day after your original OPT expires.

Q: How many classes can I take per semester?
A: International students are required to be registered full-time each Fall and Spring semester. Full-time enrollment status requires a minimum of 9 credits per term. The number of courses you will take per semester depends on the program's curriculum. It is best to work directly with your program advisor to determine an appropriate schedule.

Q: I would like to earn money and/or get work experience. Can I get a job?
A: Employment for international students is highly regulated by the government, and it is crucial you understand these regulations. The Office of International Student and Scholar Services (OISS) provides international students, where applicable, with the requirements and processing for Optional Practical Training (OPT). Please feel free to contact the OISS by phone 646.592.4203 or email.

Q: If I can't start working/interning right away, what can I do to prepare professionally?
A: Take advantage of Yeshiva University's Career Center. The center offers students a range of programs and resources, from personalized counseling and career planning to the latest professional search technologies. The Career Center also hosts on-campus recruiting events, career fairs, and information sessions and partners with employers, alumni, and community supporters to connect students with professional opportunities. In addition, YU faculty offer career mentoring, helping students to identify career options and opportunities for further study. Your faculty and program director are also here to help you find career opportunities and build your professional network during your time at YU.

It is also important to focus on your classes since your grades impact internship eligibility. Deliver stand-out work in class, get to know your classmates and professors – they will form the basis of your professional network, which can lead to future opportunities.