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Making the World Smarter, Safer and Healthier

Office of the Dean 

Paul Russo, Vice Provost and Dean 
Read Dr. Russo's full biography 

Aaron Ross, Director of Strategic Initiatives and Deputy to the Dean | 646-592-4148  
Sofia Binioris, Senior Project Manager and Advisor to the Dean  

Jackie Hamilton, Director of Global Engagement and New Business Development I 646-787-6194

Tabitha Collazo, Business and Operations Coordinator | 646-592-4735

Graduate Admissions

Jared Hakimi, Director | 646-592-4722 | Schedule an Appointment

Shayna Matzner, Assistant Director I 646-592-4726 I Schedule an Appointment

Xavier Velasquez, Assistant Director | 646-592-4737 | Schedule an Appointment

Graduate Student Life

Rafael Reyes, Director of Graduate Student Life and Community Engagement I 646-592-4729

Academic Programs

Shari Lowsky, Academic Program Manager, STEM I 646-592-4311

Simon Jaffe, Academic Program Coordinator, Speech-Language Pathology | 646-592-4717

Gladys Davis, Academic Program Coordinator, Occupational Therapy | 646-592-4762

Nebahat Bayrakcioglu, Academic Program Coordinator, Physician Assistant Studies | 646-592-4034

Teaching and Learning 

John Vivolo, Director of Online and Campus Learning Strategies | 646-592-4743

Lloyd Carew-Reid, Instructional Designer | 646-592-4768

Denton Field, Educational Technologist

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