MS in Data Analytics and Visualization

30 credits | Master of Science | Full-time or Part-Time | Fall | On Campus

Modern businesses need skilled experts to sift through and interpret mass amounts of data in order to inform strategy and help guide decisions. Designed for highly motivated individuals interested in building their quantitative, design, and business skills, the Katz School's MS in Data Analytics and Visualization focuses on data management, modeling, interpretation, and reporting, as well as algorithm development and data science.

You can complete your degree in as little as one year on a full-time schedule or at your own pace part time. Through project-based coursework, you will gain the experience and insights to effectively interpret and leverage data. You will build an impressive portfolio of projects that will demonstrate the equivalent of years of work experience in the short time it takes to earn your degree.

The MS in Data Analytics and Visualization is a recognized STEM degree, so international students may be eligible for extended Optional Practical Training (OPT) to work in the United States for up to 24 months after graduation. 

Learn the science behind the skills: build predictive and descriptive models and uncover reliable, repeatable patterns hidden in data.

Put Analytics into Action

  • Learn by doing from accomplished practitioners, data scientists, and researchers
  • Master foundational and emerging data analytics and visualization principles, practices, and techniques
  • Develop increasingly complex data projects and create models to explore contemporary topics such as finance, energy consumption, online purchases, consumer behavior, fraud, or even disease and epidemics
  • Apply the fundamentals of practical statistics, engineering, math, and data science to corporate and open-sourced data sets
  • Connect with Yeshiva's extensive network of alumni and employers, as well as leading data professionals in New York City
  • Earn your master’s degree from a Top 100 University located in the heart of New York City

Featured Courses

Designed by and for industry professionals, the MS in Data Analytics and Visualization curriculum focuses on practical applications rather than theory. Our coursework features corporate-sponsored projects that will enable you to solve simulated and real-world business problems, learn best practices, and gain mastery of the latest analytical tools.

  • Visual Storytelling
    • Analysts must present their data in effective and compelling visualizations. This course combines the best heuristics for data presentation with hands-on experience in creating spreadsheet charts and data visualizations from a variety of source data. Students will learn how to combine text and visualizations to craft stories that promote deeper engagement with data analyses and conclusions.
  • Data Product Design
    • Successful entrepreneurs and consultants create value. Data analysts who can work alongside or act as value architects create more organizational value, more quickly. Today, this means using data, analysis, and experimentation to better understand customer goals and preferences. In this course, students learn analytical frameworks for using data in the service of customer insight, customer development, value proposition refinement, and product development.

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Who Should Apply?

The Katz School's MS in Data Analytics and Visualization is ideal for ambitious individuals who want to strengthen their skills in computer science, data science, mathematics, and design in order to leverage data and drive business growth.

All of our students should have a demonstrated passion for working with data. While most of our students will have had some data-related work experience, students without work experience but with strong quantitative and/or design-oriented academic backgrounds are welcome to apply.


  • Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Product Manager
  • Start-up Founder