woman at podium speaking to Ferkauf students

The standard curriculum, which includes the courses you take each semester in your respective program, follows. While there is some flexibility, in general you must take the series of courses applicable to your program as noted below.

Clinical Psychology Program, PsyD

2018 Curriculum (pdf)
2019 Curriculum (pdf)
2020 Curriculum (pdf)
2021 Curriculum (pdf)
2022 Curriculum (pdf)

Clinical Psychology Health Emphasis Program, PhD

2018_Curriculum.Incoming Fall 2013.pdf

2019_Curriculum.Incoming Fall 2014.pdf

2020-Curriculum.Incoming Fall 2015.pdf

2021-Curriculum.Incoming Fall 2016.pdf

2022-Curriculum.Incoming Fall 2017.pdf

School-Clinical Child Psychology Program, PsyD

Curriculum (PDF)

Mental Health Counseling Program, MA

Curriculum (PDF)