Azrieli requirements:

Currently, the Azrieli MS requires eight core courses (24 credits), two electives (6 credits), and 6 credits of Professional Enhancement Practicum (fieldwork). Two Revel courses would count toward the fulfillment of the two required electives.

Revel requirements:

The Revel MA requires a concentration in one of five fields: Bible, Talmud, Medieval Jewish History, Modern Jewish History, or Jewish Philosophy (with comprehensive exams taken at the successful conclusion of coursework). Each of these concentrations include either six or eight required courses (18 or 24 credits) in the respective discipline, with the remaining four or two courses (12 or 6 credits) to be fulfilled with electives in other fields. Students in the dual program are granted transfer credit for the following two Azrieli courses: EDU 5816 (Seminar in Contemporary Jewish Education) and JED 5070 (Promoting Jewish Values, Spirituality and Identity).

As a result of the above modifications, students complete the dual master’s program by taking 54 credits (30 credits at Azrieli, of which 6 are for fieldwork, and 24 credits at Revel) instead of 66, since 6 credits of their Azrieli coursework would count toward the Revel degree and 6 credits of their Revel coursework would count toward their Azrieli degree.

Please note that students may not switch into the dual master’s program if they have completed six courses in either school (or both).