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M.S. in Biotechnology Management and Entrepreneurship Curriculum

Making the World Smarter, Safer and Healthier


Advances in developing and chronic diseases, biodevices, energy, cosmetics and agriculture are increasing the demand for entrepreneurial individuals who can bring pharma and biotech products to market. YU’s M.S. in Biotechnology Management and Entrepreneurship prepares you to succeed in these cutting-edge careers. As part of the coursework, you'll complete an industry-oriented final project, and you'll be encouraged to gain hands-on experience by working in real companies through internships and independent study. 

The 36-credit master's degree can be completed full time in just 21 months or part time at a pace that makes sense for you. View a typical course sequence for full-time students; part-time students select 1-2 courses per semester in consultation with their program director. Review degree requirements below, and download course descriptions here

Degree Requirements 

To earn the M.S. in Biotechnology Management and Entrepreneurship, you must complete 18 credits of required courses, including a capstone project, as well as 18 credits of elective courses, which may include an internship. Courses are 3 credits, unless otherwise noted. 

Core Requirements (18 credits) 

  • BTM 5100 Foundations of Biotechnology 
  • BTM 5200 Biotechnology Management  
  • BTM 5300 Pharmacology Product Development and Commercialization 
  • BTM 5400 Applications of Biotechnology 
  • BTM 5500 Intellectual Property, Regulation and Compliance for Biotechnology 
  • BTM 6500 Capstone in Biotechnology Management and Entrepreneurship 

Electives (18 credits) 

  • BTM 5000 Survey of Life Sciences 
  • BTM 5600 Applied Biologics 
  • BTM 6000 Biostatistics and Informatics 
  • BTM 6100 Clinical Trials and Research Management 
  • BME 5800 Technology Entrepreneurship 
  • BTM 5700 Finance for Startups and Entrepreneurial Ventures 
  • MAN 5580 Project Management 
  • MAN 5815 Marketing Management 
  • BTM 6450 Internship in Biotechnology Management and Entrepreneurship (1-3 credits) 
  • BTM 6900 Special Topics in Biotechnology Management and Entrepreneurship (1-3 credits) 
  • BTM 6999 Independent Study in Biotechnology Management and Entrepreneurship (1-3 credits) 

Note: Electives offerings will vary each semester. Therefore, some choices will not be available for a particular cohort. 

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