Frequently Asked Graduate Admissions Questions

1. When is the next graduate information session?

The Katz School Office of Admissions hosts a number of events throughout the year in conjunction with our academic departments that are designed to provide prospective students with up-to-date and detailed information about our programs, the admissions process, financial aid, and more.

These events are a great way to connect with faculty members, students, alumni, and admissions counselors and to get a feel for the School's graduate student experience. Events are held in many different formats and in a variety of locations.
For an up-to-date event schedule, please click here.

2. I am interested in contacting current YU Katz School graduate student. How can I contact them?

If you have questions for our students, please email Please be as specific as possible about your interests and where you are located so that we can do our best to connect you with the most appropriate individuals.

3. Do graduate programs offer class visits?

Yes. If you are interested in sitting in on a class session, please email

4. May I apply to more than on program in one academic year?

No, you may only apply to one program per academic year.

5. What are the admission requirements for Katz programs?

Each program has unique admission criteria. Please visit an individual program to learn more about each department's admission criteria.

6. Can I mail in my supporting documents letters of recommendation?

Yes, although electronic submission is strongly preferred and the submission of hardcopy letters may delay the processing of your application to certain programs. A recommender who wished to submit a hard-copy version should submit a signed letter on official letterhead with a signature over the envelope seal directly to The Katz School at:

The Katz School

The Katz School - Yeshiva University
Attn: Office of Admissions
205 Lexington Avenue, 6th Floor
New York, NY 10016

7. I uploaded my transcripts to my application; do I still need to mail copies to your office?

No official copies of your transcripts are only required if you are admitted and have confirmed your intention to enroll. Official transcripts are required only after an offer of admission has been extended to you and you accept that offer by submitting your tuition deposit. Contact with any questions regarding submission of documents.

8. What courses will transfer into my program?

Acceptance of transfer credits for graduate courses completed at another institution is determined by the academic department.

9. Can I defer my admission to a later term?

Requests must be received in writing; email and include first and last name, and which term you would like to defer admission to. We will coordinate any deferment request with the academic program for final approval.

10. Can I apply to a graduate program before I complete my undergraduate degree?

You may apply to a graduate program during your last term of undergraduate study. If you are admitted, you will be required to submit an official transcript conferring your undergraduate degree within your first semester of study.

11. I am an international applicant seeking to enroll on a part time basis, am I eligible to apply?

Federal law stipulates that individuals who will require an F‐1 visa must enroll on a full-time basis. If you have permanent resident status, you may pursue part-time enrollment if you wish.

12. Do you offer MS Degrees Online?

Yes, we currently offer the MS in Data Analytics and Visualization and MS in Digital Marketing and Media fully online. You can learn more about those programs, as well as a request information and speak to an enrollment counselor here.

13. Whom should I contact for help with my Undergraduate/Summer Programs application?

For help with the AS Management or Summer Programs application please contact the appropriate office below:

Summer Programs:
AS Management:

Get specific information from our individual programs page or receive general admissions and enrollment information from the Graduate Enrollment and Admissions Management Office.