Patient Privacy and Confidentiality

Confidentiality ensures that the information you share with your therapist is privileged, private, safe and secure. We repeatedly train our students in the utilization of confidentiality procedures. All staff, therapists and supervisors who work at the Parnes Clinic are required to know and practice professional guidelines related to confidentiality according to federal HIPAA guidelines. We also do everything possible to ensure that your personal information remains confidential within our clinic. All files are securely stored and are available only to your therapists, their supervisors and the clinic administrative staff on a “need-to-know” basis. 

Release of information forms are used in situations in which you request that we share information in your records with external sources. A copy of this form is available at the clinic. Sometimes, however, confidentiality may be broken without your permission. If you suggest that you are planning on harming yourself or someone else in any way, we are legally mandated to share this information with appropriate sources to ensure that you and others are safe. Likewise, if we learn about the possibility of a child being abused, we must take steps to ensure that the child is safe.