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The 60-credit MA program offers theoretical and applied principles of psychological counseling.

Typical program for students beginning in Fall 2013

Required Core Courses: 39 credits

PSM 6515 Developmental Psychology Across the Lifespan
PSA 6405 Social Psychology
PSM 6120 Basic Principles of Counseling
PSM 6815 Psychopathology: Child, Adolescent & Adult
PSM 6461 Principles in Group Therapy
PSM 6503  Lifestyle and Career Development

PSM 6225 Appraisal of Individuals, Couples, Families & Groups
PSM 6400 Statistics, Research and Program Evaluation
PSM 6371 Ethics & Issues in Professional Practice (includes New York State required Syllabus on Identification and Reporting of Child Abuse and Maltreatment)
PSM 6181 Multicultural and Diversity Issues
PSM 6500 Advanced Issues in Mental Health Counseling
PSM 6191 Concepts and Techniques in Mental Health Counseling (Clinical Instruction)

PSM 6943 Supervised Field Placement I - Proseminar 1.5 credit (includes group supervision requirement)
PSM 6944 Supervised Field Placement II -Proseminar 1.5 credits (includes group supervision requirement)
PSM 6945 Supervised Field Placement III - Proseminar 1.5 credit (includes group supervision requirement and Proseminar on Professional Identity Development; Comprehensive Exam-Part I—Demonstrate competency—Audiotape presentation)
PSM 6946 Supervised Field Placement IV -Proseminar 1.5 credits (total supervised hours must meet minimum of 600 hours; Comprehensive Exam- Part II—Demonstrate competency—Videotape presentation)

Other Required Courses: 12 credits

PSM 6193 Counseling Skills Development
PSM 6816 Advanced Issues in Psychopathology and Diagnosis
PSM 6945 Counseling Practicum
PSM 6483 Substance Abuse and Treatment (graduates qualify for 5-credit CAC certification)

Elective and Specialized Courses: 9 credits

Choose a minimum of three from the following additional coursework acceptable upon approval of the program director.

PSM 6012 Neuropsyhology Basic Principles

PSM 6622 Counseling in Public Settings
PSM 6485 Crisis Counseling
PSM 6170 Sexuality and Gender Counseling
PSM 6510 Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy Principles for Counseling
PSM 6194 Principles of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy for Counseling
PSM 6440 Couples and Family Counseling
PSM 6450 Counseling with Children and Adolescents
PSM 6484 Grief, Loss and Bereavement Counseling

PSM 6182 Attachment Across the Lifespan

PSM 6183 The Resilient Counselor
PSA 6601 History and Systems of Psychology

PSH 6930 Physiological Psychology
PSA 6071 Psychopharmacology