Trauma Studies


Students with a particular interest in trauma may pursue concentrated and intensive study in this area. The Clinical PsyD Program at Ferkauf offers specialty training in trauma. This program focuses on furthering knowledge and research in trauma, training students in theoretical models, research and treatment. The program provides training in both individual and cultural trauma (e.g., genocide), understanding factors that increase vulnerability and risk for developing and maintaining post-traumatic conditions, the impact of violence against women, and on evidence-based treatment for traumatized population. Students may choose to conduct research and/or receive clinical training in trauma.

Clinical Training

Students have the opportunity to learn how to comprehensively assess trauma using a combination of measures. They also learn how to conceptualize cases and formulate treatment plans, and implement and conduct strategies through the use of simulated exercises, role-plays, illustrative case examples and videotapes. Additionally, students may have the opportunity to treat individuals suffering from trauma through the CBT program.

Research Training

Students have the opportunity to conduct clinical research in trauma through several two-semester research seminars that eventually lead to Doctoral Research Projects I and II.

Clinical Coursework

Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Anxiety and Depression I and II
(6470 and 6471) Lata K. McGinn, PhD

Research Coursework

  • Psychological Trauma I and II
    (PSC 6145 and 6146) Carl Auerbach, PhD
  • Theory and Research in Anxiety and Depression I and II
    (PSC 6474 and 6475) Lata K. McGinn, PhD
  • Violence, Emotional Regulation, & Substance Abuse
    (PSC 6548 and 6549) Kate Walsh, PhD
  • Dr. Carl Auerbach
  • Dr. Lata K. McGinn
  • Dr. Kate Walsh