Clinical Neuropsychology

Students in the doctoral programs have the option of completing the requirements for a minor in Clinical Neuropsychology. The training in Clinical Neuropsychology is consistent with the educational and training guidelines recommended by Division 40 of the APA and the Houston Conference. Core courses in assessment, interviewing, psychopathology, therapy, statistics, and biological basis of behavior must be completed before students begin their training in the Clinical Neuropsychology Concentration. Successful completion of the courses “Science of Cognitive and Affective Function” and Physiological Psychology” also serves as a pre-requisite for admissions to the minor.  Then, concurrent with the two-semester didactic sequence (Introduction to Clinical Neuropsychology I and II) students are required to complete a formal year-long externship in Clinical Neuropsychology.  The course in Psychopharmacology may be taken in parallel or subsequent to completion of the above year-long didactic sequence.   

As discussed above, the following courses are required for the minor:

  • PSA 6930 Physiological Psychology
  • PSH 6014 Science of Cognitive and Affective Function
  • PSH 6011 Clinical Neuropsychology I
  • PSH 6012 Clinical Neuropsychology II
  • PSA 6071 Psychopharmacology