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Clinical Neuropsychology

Director: Roee Holtzer

Students with a particular interest in clinical neuropsychology may pursue intensive study as well as clinical training opportunities in this area. Coursework begins by providing an overview of cognitive and affective function in humans. Additionally, coursework emphasizes both theoretical and practical aspects of neuropsychological assessment. With respect to theory, coursework covers historical aspects, basic concepts and principles, and methodological issues inherent in neuropsychological assessment. Students also learn how to administer and score neuropsychological tests and to conceptualize and write neuropsychological reports. Some class time is also focused on supervision and case presentations of clinical cases. Clinical training through a neuropsychology externship allows students to utilize and deepen their neuropsychology knowledge and skills. Students who successfully complete the entire Neuropsychology sequence will receive a Neuropsychology Minor. 

  • Physiological Psychology (Dr. Zemon)
  • Neuropsychology of Cognition and Affect (Dr. Holtzer)
  • Clinical Neuropsychology I (Dr. Holtzer)
  • Clinical Neuropsychology II (Dr. Holtzer)
  • Clinical Training Neuropsychology Externship (must be done concurrently with year-long neurpsychology course)