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Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education and Administration


Complete Course Catalogue
2022-2023  Azrieli All Course Descriptions - Master's and Doctoral

Masters Courses 2022- 2023

2023 Summer Master's Course Offerings with Week-by-Week Schedule

2023 Spring Master's Course Offerings with Week-by-Week Schedule

2022 Fall Master's Courses with Week-by-Week Schedule

Master's Roadmap and Course Sequences

Course Roadmap Checklist
Use this checklist to keep track of all your requirements.

Doctoral Courses 2022-2023

2023 Summer Doctoral Course Offerings with Week-by-Week Schedule

2023 Spring Doctoral Course Offerings

2022 Fall Doctoral Course Offerings


The Executive EdD program integrated coursework will consist of 6 credits each semester, with in-person attendance at the Mifgash.

Students who wish to take fewer than 6 credits should check in with Dr. Moshe Krakowski.

Students who have completed all coursework and are working on completing their dissertation should register for Doctoral Seminar II each Spring and Fall until the Oral Defense. 

Quick-Start IT Guide  YU online tools every student needs. 

For assistance with logins, passwords and other technology related issues. Please provide your Student ID number.

Email:    Phone:  1-646-592-4760

Master's Programs

At Azrieli, we have designed our Master of Science degree requirements to be theoretical and practical, innovative and time tested, research-based and hands-on. In addition to foundational and advanced coursework, students must engage in substantive field work that complements their studies.

Students will complete the following to graduate:

  1. All 7 required core curricular courses
  2. Three (3) elective courses
  3. Two (2) semesters of student teaching in conjunction with the two semesters of Professional Enhancement Practicum or Curriculum Internship classes
  4. The portfolio - described below

Please note that students must complete a total of twelve (12) courses, one year (2 semesters) of student teaching, and their portfolio. The total number credits that a student must obtain before they may graduate is 36.

Portfolio Requirement

Students are required to complete a portfolio demonstrating many aspects of their education at Azrieli. Full information on this issue will be introduced to the students via workshop with the director of the Masters' program at the start of the semester. The portfolio should be completed during a student's final semester at Azrieli.

Student Handbook

The Master of Science Student Handbook (which can be found above) contains vital information for our students, including policies and procedures pertaining to academic requirements, the classroom, grading, attendance, the number of credits required for graduation, course information and much more. The handbook is a "living document" in that changes to it are anticipated as new policies and procedures are developed. It is therefore imperative that you reference the handbook as often as possible.

Doctoral Program

The deadlines below are for filing dissertations and scheduling your final oral examination (oral defense). Please discuss your anticipated filing date with your committee chairperson and members well in advance of the deadlines listed here.

Required forms with instructions on the procedures for filing your dissertation are available on the Azrieli Web site. Each deadline date below corresponds to one of the three degree conferral dates (January, May, or September).

Dissertation Filing Deadlines and Scheduling Your Oral Defense
Committee Approved
Copy of Dissertation due with Office of Doctoral Studies
Final Oral Examination
Final Copy of Dissertation due with Registrar Degree Conferral
November 1 Fall
November 1 – 30
January 1st January
March 1 Spring
March 1 – 31
May 1st May
June 1 Summer
June 1 - 30
September 1st September

Please note that if the 1st of the month falls on a weekend, the actual deadline date will commence on the following Monday.

Yeshiva University IT Help Desk service provides faculty, staff and students with an expanded 7x24x365 service for engaging Information Technology support. 

If you have any question, please call 4357 from your campus phone or 800-337-2975 or send an e-mail detailing your request at 

When you call the Help Desk, please leave your full name, call-back number, and a detailed description for your call.

Discover more IT information at the ITS Portal,
Please provide your YUAD to log in.

This secure site provides students, faculty, staff, and other university affiliates with single sign-on access to multiple sources of university information and services. InsideTrack provides you with full Intranet and Internet services making it easier for you to do "business" with the university.

What is InsideTrack?

Pages, portlets, content and links for Employees, Students, and for Administrative Staff that do business transactions supporting University operations. Reference information pertaining to the business operations being performed. Links to various systems used for University business including: Self Service, Banner, SciQuest, Kronos, and others Easy links to ITS Help, Banner Support, and email.

Need help logging in?

Please contact the YU HelpDesk by one of these methods: e-mail: or call 646-592-4357 / 646-592-HELP or 1-800-337-2975.

Login now

  1. Go to InsideTrack
  2. Sign in to InsideTrack - if you need assistance, please contact the Azrieli office
  3. On the left hand side there should be a column with various options to click on, hover over “Student”, then click on "Graduate"
  4. On the new page, there will be 3 columns. In the center one, the first box should say "Banner Self Service Link", click the "Banner Self Service" link in the box.
  5. If you are asked for your ID and PIN, please follow steps 6&7, if not, skip to step 8.
  6. Your User ID will begin with the number “8” or “9”.
  7. Your PIN is:
    • If this is your first time logging on: you should have received an email with your new random PIN.  You will be prompted to change your PIN once you access the system. The PIN will need to be 6 numbers. You cannot use 123456 or 111111 as a PIN.
    • If you did not receive an email: please feel free to contact
    • If you have previously logged on: use whatever numbers you chose your first time logging on.
    • If you need a new pin: please follow the directions for resetting a pin and one will be emailed to you.
    • If you forgot your pin but remember your security question: follow those directions under Forgot Pin?
  8. Click on “Student and Financial Aid.”
  9. Click on “Registration.”
  10. Click on “Add/Drop Classes.”
  11. Choose Term
  12. Proceed through the screens. Once you have entered all the CRNs, remember to click the “Submit Changes” button.

Access full text copies of most of the "on reserve" articles for a course from your home computer. You will need Adobe Acrobat to use this service. Your professor will provide you with a password.

The Office of Disability Services assists students in obtaining reasonable accommodations for documented disabilities including physical, emotional, visual, hearing, learning disabilities, ADHD and temporary disabilities.

If you believe that you are in need of a disability related accommodation, please complete an Intake Form and return it to ODS, attention Abby Kelsen ( as soon as possible so that your request can be reviewed. For additional information regarding reasonable accommodations and documentation guidelines, please refer to the Office of Disability Services website.

For information regarding international student arrangements, contact the Yeshiva University Office of International Students at:
Phone: 646.685.0394

Current Students FAQ

The Azrieli Office is located on the Wilf Campus in Belfer Hall, Room 311, and can be reached by phone at (646)-592-6350, fax 212.960.0184, or by email at

The location on the web where you can access all your student information is InsideTrack.

You can view information pertaining to your admission to the program, requirements and forms from the Registrar’s Office and your tuition/bill. You can also log in to My YU to update your contact information, marital status, etc. First-time users will need to create an account by designating a login ID and PIN. See the links below to get started:

Upon admission to Azrieli, students are assigned a Yeshiva University Mail System email account that works through Gmail. To find your login information, go to Non-registered students cannot access those accounts which are needed to receive correspondence from the program and to access the Canvas Course Management System. If you prefer to use a different email as your primary email, you must set up your YU email account to forward to your primary email address so that you may still receive important communications from the program.

The primary method of accessing course work and corresponding with the professors is via the Canvas Course Management System. A useful tutorial on Canvas can be viewed here. For access to the system, a user name and password are necessary. Every student requires access to Canvas to proceed in the Azrieli programs.

To access Canvas, visit You will need your Active Directory (AD) credentials (username and password) to login to Canvas. If you don’t know your AD username and password, you can find it here:

If you have trouble logging into Canvas: Email – canvassupport@yu.eduor phone (212)960-5438

Not sure about your YU Email username or password? Visit

Your personalized ID# will be printed on your acceptance letter. Please memorize and/or keep this number handy as this is the number that the school uses to identify you (very much like a social security number). Keep in mind that this number is different than the number that’s on your picture ID card and should only be shared with faculty or staff members if necessary.

All new students must obtain an ID card through the Security Office located at 521 West 185th Street. ID cards can only be obtained 24-48 hours following the first semester’s registration.

Students apply for parking through the Security Office at 521 West 185th Street. See the Department of Safety and Security website for more information.

An email will be sent by the Azrieli office to inform you of the dates for registration. 

Important: Students must register for courses by the deadline specified on the Academic Calendar. Students not registering for coursework during the fall or spring semesters must retain their student status by registering for a Leave of Absence. Failure to do so will be considered as having withdrawn from the program. A Leave of Absence form can be obtained by sending an email to or It is the responsibility of each student to abide by the registration deadlines to avoid financial penalties.

Students who wish to add or drop a course following official registration can go to InsideTrack and drop the course using the same RAC# that was provided for registration. To avoid financial penalties, the student should be sure to follow the deadlines listed on the academic calendar for adding or dropping a course.

The Registrar’s Office will not register students with financial holds. Students cannot be added to Canvas for a course until they are officially registered. Therefore, any financial hold must be resolved before registration is complete. A student whose registration is not complete will not get a grade even though they may have attended class. The professor is unable to assign a grade to a student who is not registered. Contact the Office of Student Finance with any questions.

Log into InsideTrack and from the Main Menu, select Student and Financial Aid. Select Student Records to view your grades and transcript.

Our graduate master's programs are registered and approved by the New York State Education Department Office of Higher Education but do not lead to NYS teaching certification.

Azrieli master’s graduates may qualify for the teudat hora-ah, teacher certification, from the Israeli Ministry of Education. Please email for a letter to present to the Ministry upon completion of the degree.

It is the student’s responsibility to apply for graduation once their coursework, student teaching (PEP), and portfolio are completed. Graduation forms are submitted to Ms. Marian Reiss,, with proof of payment from the Student Accounts Office. Please note applications will not be processed without the accompanying fee.

As part of the registration process, students are required to submit their current mailing address, phone number and email address. In the case of any changes, the student must notify the registrar in addition to the Azrieli Office.

Yes! During the spring and fall semesters, doctoral students who are working on their dissertation must register for Doctoral Seminar II. Registering for it will grant student access to the YU library for the semester. Please refer to the Doctoral Handbook for information about time limitations for completion of the dissertation. Doctoral students (those working on dissertations and otherwise) are not required to register for classes during the summer semester.

Students should fill out a Leave of Absence Form and send it to Marian Reiss or Bradley Avrahami to process at the Registrar's office.  Students may take one leave of absence in a 12 month period or they will have to reapply to the program. 

Please contact us at (646)-592-6350 or or check YU's Student Toolkit.

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