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Frequently Asked Questions
How do I contact the Azrieli Graduate School Office?

The Azrieli Office is located on the Wilf Campus in Belfer Hall, Room 311, and can be reached by phone at 212.960.0186, fax 212.960.0184, or by email at

What is “My YU” (myyu)?

The location on the web where you can access all your student information is

You can view information pertaining to your admission to the program, requirements and forms from the Registrar’s Office and your tuition/bill. You can also log in to My YU to update your contact information, marital status, etc. First-time users will need to create an account by designating a loginID and PIN. See the links below to get started:

Email address  

Every Azrieli student is given a YU email address at registration. To find out exactly how the system has listed your name, go to You will be prompted to enter your last name and your Social Security number (which is masked as you enter it.) When you have the information, you can access your email through gmail (Google email) by entering your full YU email address as your user name and enter your password.


For international students without an American SSN or Canadian SIN, contact Academic Computing at, or call 212 960 5438 to retrieve your login credentials.



Access full text copies of most of the "on reserve" articles for a course from your home computer. You will need Adobe Acrobat to use this service. Your professor will provide you with a password.


The Banner system will provide access to your schedule and your grades.


Angel provides a variety of "course support" features including an online curriculum, useful links, course documents of many sorts, communication tools including chat rooms, message boards, and email access to classmates and your professor. Some courses at Azrieli use Angel and others do not. Check with your professor.

How do I get a YU email account?

Upon admission to Azrieli, students are assigned a Yeshiva University Mail System email account that works through Gmail. To find your login information, go to Non-registered students cannot access those accounts which are needed to receive correspondence from the program and to access the Angel Course Management System. If you prefer to use a different email as your primary email, you must set up your YU email account to forward to your primary email address so that you may still receive important communications from the program. 

What is Angel?

The primary method of accessing course work and corresponding with the professors is via the Angel Course Management System. The link for Angel can be found on the YU website home page and select the menu option Students on the left. For access to the system, a user name and password are necessary. Please contact for assistance. Every student requires access to Angel to proceed in the Azrieli programs.

How do I get started in Angel?

To access Angel, visit Your Angel username is the same as your YU Email user name. Your default Angel password is the first letter of your last name and the last four digits of your Social Security number.

If you have trouble logging into Angel, you can always use the password reset link just below the Angel login fields.

Not sure about your YU Email username or password? Visit


How do I find out what my Student ID # is?

Your personalized ID# will be printed on your acceptance letter. Please memorize and/or keep this number handy as this is the number that the school uses to identify you (very much like a social security number).  Keep in mind that this number is different than the number that’s on your picture ID card and should only be shared with faculty or staff members if necessary.

How do I obtain a Student ID card?

All new students must obtain an ID card through the Security Office located at 521 West 185th Street. ID cards can only be obtained 24-48 hours following the first semester’s registration.

Do I use my Student ID card for the YU library?

Students must have their ID cards updated from the library in order to access the online library outside of the campus.

How do I apply for student parking?

Students apply for parking through the Security Office at 521 West 185th Street. See the Department of Safety and Security website for more information.

How do I register for courses?

An email will be sent to inform you of the dates and times for registration. You are responsible for scheduling an appointment for advisement through the Azrieli office. Often, you can schedule an advisement phone call. At advisement, you will be issued a Registration Access Code (RAC) so you can register online. Go to and login to register. If you have difficulty with your login, please contact

Students must register for courses by the deadline specified in the Academic calendar and in the registration material. Students not registering for coursework during a given semester must retain their student status by registering for REG 9992: Maintenance of Registration (details below). Failure to do so will be considered as having withdrawn. It is the responsibility of each student to abide by the registration deadlines.

How do I add or drop a course?

Students who wish to add or drop a course following official registration must receive permission from the director/dean for approval. Following which, the student must submit an Add/Drop form at the Azrieli office. To avoid financial penalties, the student should be sure to follow the deadlines listed on the academic calendar for adding or dropping a course.

What is a financial hold, and who do I contact to resolve it?

The Registrar’s Office will not register students with financial holds. Students cannot be added to Angel for a course until they are officially registered. Therefore, any financial hold must be resolved before registration is complete. A student whose registration is not complete will not get a grade even though they may have attended class. The professor is unable to assign a grade to a student who is not registered. Contact the Office of Student Finance with any questions.

How do I see my grades and transcript?

Log into and from the Main Menu, select Student and Financial Aid. Select Student Records to view your grades and transcript.

How many credits do I need to graduate?

Please refer to the handbook appropriate to your program:



Can I obtain a NYS teacher’s license through Azrieli?

Our graduate master's programs are registered and approved by the New York State Education Department Office of Higher Education. Two master’s programs at Azrieli lead to a NYS teacher’s certification: Adolescent 7-12 initial/professional certification in biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, social studies, English or Hebrew, and professional certification in Childhood Education 1-6.

Can I teach in Israel with a degree from Azrieli?

Azrieli master’s graduates may qualify for the teudat hora-ah, teacher certification, from the Israeli Ministry of Education.

How do I apply for graduation?

It is the student’s responsibility to apply for graduation once their coursework, student teaching (PEP), and portfolio/exam are completed. Graduation forms are submitted to the Registrar’s Office with payment. Please note that applications will not be processed without the accompanying fee.

I’m getting married and moving. Who do I need to notify about an address or name change?

As part of the registration process, students are required to submit their current mailing address, phone number and email address. In the case of any changes, the student must notify the registrar in addition to the Azrieli Office.

Does a doctoral student who is working on a dissertation need to register?

Yes! During the spring and fall semesters, doctoral students who are working on their dissertation must register for Doctoral Seminar II. Registering for it will grant student access to the YU library for the semester. Please refer to the Doctoral Handbook for information about time limitations for completion of the dissertation. Doctoral students (those working on dissertations and otherwise) are not required to register for classes during the summer semester.

I do not want to take courses this semester. How do I maintain my place in my program?

Students should register for REG 9992 Maintenance of Registration if they do not want to take classes during a given semester.

The registration deadline has passed, but I need to register to maintain my place in the program. What should I do?

Please contact the director of the doctoral program to discuss your options.