About Azrieli

At Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education and Administration, you will find an approach to education that is at once rooted in sacred Jewish traditions and simultaneously in modern disciplines that inform our understanding of how children learn.

How does one teach Gemara while embracing the wisdom of differentiated instruction? What are the early signs of an acute learning disability in a student struggling to learn Hebrew? How can Tanakh be brought to life so that our children do not merely learn about Biblical personalities but engage in a hevruta with them?

The needs of our schools and communities are great, but your opportunity to transform the educational experience, and with it the future of the Jewish people, is greater. We take seriously our responsibility to train the next generation of educators. Within a collegial and close-knit environment, you will benefit from the wisdom and guidance of an internationally recognized faculty, innovative and comprehensive courses, collaborative student faculty research, intensive field experience, exposure to advanced educational technology, and academic and professional mentoring that is second to none.

In short, Azrieli will cultivate your talent and creativity and position you to fan the flames of Jewish children at their learning. This is what it means to learn, teach and inspire. This is Azrieli.

If you're a prospective student interesting in visiting the Azrieli Graduate School, please contact us at 212.960.0186 or email azrieli@yu.edu.