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Azrieli-Revel Dual Degree MS/MA Program



The new Azrieli-Revel Dual Degree (ARDD) Program allows students to work concurrently toward an MS at Azrieli Graduate School and an MA at Bernard Revel Graduate School of Jewish Studies (with some courses counting toward both degrees).

The program is designed to provide aspiring Jewish educators with high-level professional preparation in both methods and content, by combining the discipline of pedagogy in Jewish education at Azrieli with the acquisition of a level of expertise in academic Jewish studies at Revel.


The structure of the dual program regarding earning a master’s degree in education is the same as that of any of Azrieli’s one-year master’s programs, except that Revel courses can be taken in lieu of the two content area methods electives.

All 30 core credit requirements of the master’s program must still be completed at Azrieli, and students must still complete a full year of student teaching and their school placements.

Students must apply independently both to Azrieli’s MS program and Revel’s MA program.

For details regarding how to complete the Master of Arts in Jewish studies degree, please contact the Bernard Revel School of Jewish Studies directly.

All students admitted to the program, in good academic standing, and who submit a Financial Aid Form, are eligible for generous support. Support decisions are based on need and merit and may be as much as 50% of tuition.

Master of Science Student Handbook

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